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Installation Products

May 1, 2001 12:00 PM, Compiled by Elizabeth Price

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LCD Projector

Sharp Electronics' XG-V10XU Conference Series projector features 3800 ANSI lumens, a range of optical lenses, network and videowall capability, and signal handling from workstations and PC resolutions up to UXGA, Macintosh, DTB and video. It comes equipped with software for gamma correction, as well as diagnostic and remote access.
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CobraNet licensee Whirlwind has an easy-to-install 8-in/8-out digital audio transceiver that utilizes the CM-1 CobraNet low-power core module: the DCS88. All inputs and outputs are accessed via terminal screw connections. The unit can be up to 100 meters from the power supply (longer runs require adding 10-base-T switches between the CobraNet command center and the power supply).
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Tube Preamp System

Accepting +20dB peaks while maintaining over 120dB dynamic range, Applied Research and Technology's TPS includes twin high-performance discrete preamplifiers with local feedback, as well as ART's Variable Valve Voicing (V3) 12AX7A gain stage. It provides level monitoring via two analog meters.
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Waterproof Amplifiers

IMP Systems has weatherproof distributed speaker amps that can be placed in or near a speaker in rain, snow, ice and sun. They are available in 5, 10, 20, 40 and 75 watts and can be used with any speaker from any manufacturer.
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Multiple Angle Stage Monitor

The KSM-8 from Klipsch is a two-way loudspeaker with sides angled at 65° and 45°. It has a 90×90° hybrid Tractrix® horn, a high-power 8-inch woofer and 1-inch titanium diaphragm HF compression driver, and built-in, high-power passive crossover.
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Fixed-Installation Projectors

InFocus Corporation's LP900 series projectors offer brightness, image quality, true XGA resolution, HDTV compatibility and more. The LP930 outputs 3200 lumens, with lens shift. The LP925 has 2400 lumens, no lens shift.
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Project Boxes

Three project boxes from BGW, the PB-1, PB-2 and PB-3, have rugged, flat aluminum front and rear panels with ⅛-inch aluminum, black smooth powder coat chassis and 19-inch front panel widths.
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Camera Panel

Panja has a PosiTrack Pilot camera panel that controls multiple robotic video cameras. It has a 6-inch color touchpanel with video preview, a combined pan/tilt/zoom joystick, and focus wheel and speed control.
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Power Distribution Products

Juice Goose's PD1-B is a custom multiple-circuit AC power distribution device with a 30-inch strip that includes six duplex outlets. The CQ-PD1-4 has four 20-amp circuits for 80 amps of power sequencing. And the PSC-6 is a power sequence controller that activates six sequence steps for powering audio equipment in a specified order. It has dry contact closures on its six back terminals, and it provides 24 volts of DC current at around 100 mA.
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The Redwood Music cable range can be used in musical instrument, microphone, interconnecting and speaker applications. Cables have all-metal ends wrapped in heat-shrink tubing inside the plugs. Basic cables are available in 10- and 20-foot lengths. Professional-grade cables come in 1, 3, 10 and 20 feet. The line also includes two speaker cables that use 16-guage wire in a heavy jacket (20 and 30 feet) and balanced and unbalanced mic cables (20 feet only).
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Tuning Presets

Now available online from dbx are the 41 JBL speaker tuning presets for use with the DriveRack loudspeaker management systems. The presets, designed by dbx, can be downloaded from the Web site.
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Mixing Consoles

Allen and Heath has a medium-sized live mixing console, the ML4000. The ML4000 has eight VCA groups and an LCR panning system. Each input features 4-band sweep EQ with switched Q.
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Projection Screen

Hitachi's AirSho System added a 60-inch-diagonal projection screen that allows heightened visibility. The system comes with a 1700- to 2200-lumen single lens Hitachi projector and an image-producing source such as a DVD or CD with computer presentation data.
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FireWire Router

The VS-4×4FW, from Kramer Electronics, is a passive desktop FireWire router with four type-B inputs and four type-B outputs, front-panel control, transmission speeds up to 400 MS per second, a desktop-style metal enclosure and more.
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CobraNet PIP Module

The new IQ-PIP-USP2/CN module, working with the Com-Tech 10 Series and Macro-Tech 02 Series amps from Crown, creates a CobraNet-compatible amplifier. Features include output signal delay, auto standby, eight independent adjustable filters per channel and onscreen error reporting.
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Audio Matrix

Sound Control Technologies has a Series II ASP-8×8 Audio Matrix line; now the entire line of SCT DSP products has been converted to Series II platforms.
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Integrated Camera System

The ICS100 and ICS150 Series High Security Camclosure Domes from Pelco come in polyester powder-coated aluminum bodies with steel camera mounting brackets and polycarbonate domes. They are designed for use in typical indoor/outdoor surveillance installations.
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Plasma Display TVs

Luce introduced the PDTV-422A (42-inch) and PDTV-500A (50-inch) standalone plasma televisions. Features are integrated television tuners, picture-in-picture, split screen, zoom, scaling and a built-in 15-watt-per-channel audio amplifier.
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“Zero Distortion” Technology

Earthworks' 1024, a new 4-channel preamp, has distortion under 1ppm. Frequency response is from 2 Hz to 100 kHz, with an input noise spec equal to the 140dB capability of 24-bit digital. It has 10-volt RMS nominal output.
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Rack Modules

Models 84034 and 86034 are base/slope consoles from Winsted. They have 24.5-inch-high (14U) sloping top modules designed to hold two sets of 9-inch monitors; and Winsted added 3.5 inches of height to accommodate additional electronics.
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Audio Recorders

The Roland AR-3000, a one rack-space digital audio recorder/player, has sound quality up to 24 bit/48 kHz, expanded synchronization with video decks and lighting systems and optional Ethernet networking for remote operation. The AR-200 half-rack-sized recorder uses a PC card slot, can play back up to 250 different 24 bit/48 kHz audio phrases and can be synchronized with other AR-Series products.
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Multichannel Digital Audio Player

Mackenzie Labs' M2 Series features MPEG 1, Layer 2 audio for scalable fidelity from voice to CD quality, balanced audio output, removable PCMCIA Flash memory, contact closure, RS-232 control and more. It comes in various configurations.
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Two-Way Speaker

The SoundFrame Solo by Driver Design is an ultra-thin two-way speaker with 50 watts maximum program power, a range of 160 Hz to 18 kHz ±3 dB, 88dB sensitivity. Impedance is 8 ohms, with 70-volt and 25-volt versions available.
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Multiroom Entertainment

Terk's Leapfrog WaveMaster 20 can transmit picture and sound through the air from one television to another. With the Leapfrog WaveMaster, one DVD player can be used to send movies to every television in a home.
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Digital Audio Recorder

The CDR-HD1000 is a new 20GB-capacity digital audio recorder from Yamaha. It has linear PCM recording, 24-bit performance A/D and D/A converters, automatic sampling rate conversion of 96 kHz, 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz and 32 kHz signals. It is SCMS compliant and is compatible with display and write-in CD text.
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Power Amplifiers

Based on the Precision Series, the Electro-Voice Px Series of power amps features level control, input/signal present LED, voice-coil protection, and mode switch with status LED and Mid-EQ for customer selection between flat or dip.
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BNC Connectors

Thomas and Betts introduced two new Snap-N-Seal® BNC precision plug connectors. The BNC portion of the connectors are designed to nominal mil-spec C-39012 with 75-ohm characteristic impedance. The design allows for 360° compression with RF shielding performance of -65 dB and a frequency return loss of -30 dB to 1 GHz.
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Adjustable Projector

Da-Lite Screen Company's APT2-42 for managing LCD and DLP data projectors has an 18×24-inch adjustable projector shelf for 3° side-to-side tilt, 14° tilt and 6 inches of height adjustment.
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Cinema Surround

The Martin Audio Effect 3R is a passive, two-way cinema surround system for medium-sized cinemas, screening rooms and under-balcony applications. It has an 8-inch bass driver and a 1-inch HF device mounted on a 90×90° circular waveguide.
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Digital Controller with SMAART Pro

Renkus-Heinz's D26A digital controller was upgraded to 24-bit 96kHz converters. Using the D26A with SMAART Pro, the user can control system specific processing and can set delay and EQ parameters while viewing the results in the SMAART dual-FFT EQ window.
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Networked Digital Audio System

The latest version of HitPlayer was introduced by Digigram. HitPlayer-L uses two standalone audio players with IP network services for automated and interactive audio applications. It comes with an internal hard disk, industry-standard digital audio file formats, plus multiple high-quality audio channels that can be managed from one point of control.
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