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Installation Products

Apr 1, 2001 12:00 PM, Compiled by Elizabeth Price

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Flat Panel Display Algorithm

ClairVoyante Laboratories PenTile Matrix architecture and ClairVoyante sub-pixel rendering technology help create brighter, higher-definition flat-panel displays. The technology doubles the resolution on both axes and uses fewer display data drivers than conventional RGB strip panel arrays.
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Custom Engraving

Conquest Sound Inc. offers computerized custom engraving on wall plates and rack panels. Anodized aluminum plates are available in black, clear and gold to 6 gang. Conquest offers stainless steel plates in brushed and brass finishes up to 6 gang. All can be paint filled in a variety of colors.
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Monitor Mounts

Da-Lite Screen Company expanded its Advance line of Quick Link monitor mounts. The versatile Quick Link suspended ceiling mounts' Unistrut tracks allow 16 inches of sliding adjustment. The mounts are available in 2'×2' suspended plates with white or black finish.
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High-Definition Decoders

The CineCast HD/1 and CineCast HD/2 are single- and dual-channel SCSI-based high-definition 4:2:0 MPEG-2 decoders from Vela. They support all ATSC formats and can decode DVB- and ARIB-compliant transport streams. They are packaged in 1-RU chassis.
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Flat Screen Monitors

The CSI/Speco VM-15LCD and VM-10LCD 15- and 10-inch monitors feature audio, onscreen display controls and remote control. The VM-10LCD is 1.625 inches deep and has 800×600-pixel resolution. The VM-15LCD has a resolution of 1,024 by 768 and a screen depth of 2 inches.
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Conferencing Product

Gentner's Audio Perfect® conferencing product is designed for venues such as corporate boardrooms, distance learning and courtrooms. It has assignable processing blocks, flexible filtering, wall-panel controls and advanced room combining technology, as well as a noise cancellation feature, macros and presets.
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The 371 SPL computer, by Symetrix is a processor that automatically raises and lowers sound system levels in response to changes in ambient noise conditions for stereo music programming and paging. It continuously monitors changing ambient noise levels using an external microphone and features a front-panel LCD menu.
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Mirror System

Da-Lite's TROOPER® Millennium Rear Projection Module is a fully adjustable mirror system, available with a fixed projector cradle or fine-tuning projector mount cradle.
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Power Distribution Products

The Juice Goose PD1-B power distribution device is a shorter version of the PD1-A. It's a 30-inch strip with six duplex outlets that can feature up to six 20-amp circuits. The CQ-PD1-4 has the features of the PD1 series, plus power sequencing and remote control features. And the PSC-6 is a power sequence controller that activates six sequence steps for turning on and off audio equipment in a specified order. It has a self-contained power supply, master on/off switch and external circuit breaker.
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Optional Tape Drive Device

The Exabyte M2 tape drive will become an optional device in the QuVIS QuBit 12-bit digital recorder/server/player. The M2 drive can transfer large media files faster than real time; and a full-length motion picture can be stored on a single M2 tape using QuVIS Quality Priority Encoding .;
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The SR68 hypercardioid stage mic from Earthworks Inc. provides clarity, large off-axis rejection and volume without feedback. The Z30X cardioid mic has a redesigned inner-tip structure for improved durability. It is flat from 30 Hz to 30 kHz at 6 inches, has a neutral on-axis sound and thorough off-axis rejection.
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Condenser Microphone

The Audix ADX-20I miniature, high-performance, professional condenser mic has integral gooseneck clip, a high-tension spring clamp, frequency range of 40 to 20 kHz, and operates on phantom power of 9 to 52 volts. It comes in a wired format but can be adapted to a wireless system.
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Headphone Surround Processor

Lake Technology's TheaterPhone HSM6240 takes six channels of audio and produces headphone surround output from two front-panel headphone jacks. It is positioned to be a standard accessory in 5.1 facilities.
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Community's XLT502 loudspeaker can be both a floor monitor and an upright P.A. component. The XLT502 has a maximum output of 127 dB SPL. It is sensitivity rated at 98 dB SPL at 1 watt per meter. Equipped with a stand socket, 16-gauge perforated steel grille, corner protectors, recessed handles and cast metal input panel, it has a full-range, bass reflex design operable between 70 Hz and 18 kHz.
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Power Amplifiers

Rotel has three new 2-channel amplifiers: the RB-1050, RB-1070 and RB-1080. Each model has 12-volt trigger options for remote control on/off operations. The RB-1050 provides 60 watts per channel, the RB-1070 offers 130 watts per channel, and the RB-1080 has 200 watts per channel.
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Multichannel Digital Audio Player

With up to two stereo channels supported in the table top/wall mount configuration and up to six channels in the rackmount version, Mackenzie Laboratories' M2 is designed for exhibit or announcement applications. It features a redesigned audio and processing engine, plays MPEG 1, Layer 2 files from removable flash memory cards, and includes a comprehensive RS-232 protocol.
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Split Return Module and Patchbox

The Neutrik PatchLink® SPL patch panel has two new accessories. The first, a split return module, is a printed circuit board card that you can mount into the patch panel. And the second is the PatchBox, which houses eight split return modules.
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Wire Bundle Strap

Panduit Corp. presents a new wire bundle strap for wire and cable management applications. It has a functional design, a 6-square-inch bundling area, rounded sides to prevent wire jacket damage and standard EIA hole spacing.
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Bidirectional Multiplexer/Demulti-plexer Link

The SpectraLinx Model 6923 coarse wavelength-division multiplexer, from Force Incorporated, allows four, five or six channels to be stacked in the 1490-1610 nm region of optical fiber. Features include low insertion loss, high optical isolation and standard FC/APC optical connectors.
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Preamp System and Equalizer

Applied Research Technology introduces two new products. The DI/O preamp system has twin high-performance discreet preamps with local feedback, along with ART's Variable Valve Voicing 12AX7A gain stage and choice of analog and digital outputs. It can accept ±20dB peaks and maintain over 120dB dynamic range. The Model 343 dual-channel 15-band EQ has constant-Q circuitry, 20mm center detent sliders, balance XLR, and 1/4-inch and unbalanced RCA input and output connections.
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Preamp/Tuner Processor

With Plug’n’Play technology, B&K Components' Reference 30 features Dolby Pro-Logic, Dolby Digital, DTS, THX-approval, 6.1 and 7.1 surround and surround EX. It can reproduce high bandwidth audio signals through 96/24 digital-to-analog converters and DVD audio inputs.
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The compact RBH 12-SE subwoofer has a 300-watt amplifier with a 12-inch metal cone woofer. It can reproduce bass information below 30 Hz and features a variable crossover (40-100 Hz) and switchable phase. The speakers come in 30 different real hardwood finishes.
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Lightning Protectors

A selection of gas-filled tube and quarter-wave-type solutions for wireless base station lighting protection is now available from Spinner North America. These new devices are available in bulkhead, pigtail and in-line configurations with “N” or “7-16” connectors.
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Hardline Connector

The G Series 3-piece pin and splice hardline connector family by Thomas and Betts' Cable Communications Business enhance CATV performance with simple connections for cable applications. Each has a non-metallic radiation sleeve. The G Series is now available for QR Series cable.
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Acoustic Echo Canceller

Rane's ECM 64e standalone conference system has fast QuickAdapt adaption, 89dB dynamic range, selectable suppression levels and a noise gate. Fully adaptable, it supports up to a 20kHz bandwidth and has a 150-millisecond tail length with improved double talk detection.
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Multivideo Display Processor

RGB Spectrum's 4View display processor can display four video inputs on a monitor, flat panel or projection screen at full resolution on a 1,280×1,024 pixel screen. Some of its features are titling, auxiliary video rate output, optional DVI digital output, borders, and both RS-232 and front-panel control.
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Flush-Mounted Automated Screen

Vutec's Vision XTC has large capacity housing, overlapping trap doors for tight closure, a 180-inch-diagonal maximum fabric size and a quiet motor. Its design enables the installer to place both housing and screen for dust-free screen storage.
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Video Scaler

The Deuce® MC joins Communications Specialties' line of intelligent video scalers. This scaler converts standard TV video to high-resolution, non-interlaced video and incorporates a motion compensation feature that the user can set based on the input source image. It has composite, S-Video and Y-CB-CR component inputs as well as RGB or Y-CB-CR component outputs and an RS-232 remote.
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Routing Switchers

The Chameleon Series of Knox routing switchers now includes the Chameleon 256. It is expandable from 32 by 32 to 256 by 256. The user can assemble matrix configurations in multiples of 32 by inserting audio or video cards into a 12U rack frame via a hinged front panel. It has an internal mil-spec power supply of 110 volts/230 volts auto-sensing; a redundant power supply is optional. The Chameleon 256 comes with a standard 3-year warranty.
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Cinema Projector

The SX6000-DC HD cinema projector from NEC Technologies is a compact, SXGA, high-light-output projector featuring an exclusive film-decoding technology (called TriDigital). The projection system uses 0.9-inch, 3-chip DLP mirror technology from Texas Instruments to produce bright, even images. NEC Technologies offers operation and maintenance training to site personnel to make the transition to HD cinema less of a challenge.;
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New for LCS at NSCA

Level Control Systems has introduced the following products: The LX-CBR CobraNet audio module for Matrix3 allows an LX-300 frame to interface 16 inputs to a CobraNet network. The CueStation 3.0, an upgrade to LCS programming software for the Matrix3 digital audio engine, offers a graphical operating and programming interface using a sound reinforcement console metaphor combined with an efficient cue system. Next is the LX-ELC module, which features an embedded Linux computer to provide a platform for the Wild Tracks hard-disk playback system (also newly introduced), CueConsole modular control surface, NetMeters monitoring software and remote control over Ethernet.
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Interactive Overlay

The Smart Board for Plasma Displays , formerly the Smart Matisse , is an interactive overlay for plasma display panels. It is powered with Smart Board software and is part of the Smart Board family of interactive whiteboards.
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Passive Speaker and Sub

L-Acoustics recently introduced the MTD108a. It has a small format for distributed systems and floor monitoring and features coaxial transducer assembly and 85Þ conical directivity. It is a passive, two-way with an 8-inch and a 1-inch compression driver. The dV-SUB is a high-output, compact subwoofer with dual vented bandpass, dedicated presets for digital signal processors, and dV-VDOSC compatible integrated rigging. It is optimized for 40 to 150 Hz bandwidth. Both products can be used for touring and in fixed installations.
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Signal Distribution Equipment

ADC announces the NV500 Series of signal distribution equipment. These models add high module density and lower end-user prices to the line of ADV products. The NV500 comprises a number of application-specific modules including those intended for AES, SDI and Super Wideband distribution. The new modules will add analog signal distribution to the digital distribution amplifiers already available from ADC. A 2RU frame holds 10 modules in two banks of five with a choice of three back-planes: SDI/SWB (BNC); AES3id/Analog Video (BMC); or AES/Analog Audio.
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