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Picture This: The Shape of Things to Come? 
By Jeff Sauer
Who do you think has the thinnest flat-panel display on the market? Panasonic, or NEC with a 3-inches deep plasma monitor? How about Sony, which has one...

The Future Is Now 
By Peter Putman
Many years ago, a lovable bunch of baseball players known as the Brooklyn Dodgers used to go down fighting year after year in the World Series at the...

CEDIA 2003 Wrap-Up—Video 
By Peter Putman
There were some excellent images being projected in booths and on the trade show floor......

Video Display Mounting Systems 
Bennett Liles
The only part of the video display market that offers a more potentially bewildering choice of types and styles than the displays themselves is the area...

LCDs Versus Plasmas 
Peter H. Putman, CTS
The past year was significant for the flat-screen display industry in more ways than one. You saw increasing use of the digital video interface, as well...

In the past year, I had the opportunity to participate in a Projection Industry Summit Conference, coordinated by Insight Media and McLaughlin Consulting....

The dealer selling the 50-inch plasma display, the commercial or home theater installer who sets it up, and the customer who drools in anticipation probably...

Theater by the Sea 
In spring 1999, after months of searching, a family of five found the perfect abode sort of. Nestled atop a seaside hill in a picturesque New England...

Know Your Options 
Katie Sillanpa
IN RESIDENTIAL INSTALLATIONS, projector and large flat-panel-display mounting can be an intricate project. Often you're attempting to balance the customer's...

Tying Systems Together 
By Mike Andrews
Each new trade show season heralds impressive advancements in the area of video and data display. The video projectors on the market now offer image brightness...

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