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The Buzz: Industry News 

Speaker producer StereoStone will donate one of its new Tree Stump outdoor speaker systems...

Small LCDs Growing at Video’s High End Too 

From location video shoots to edit suites to zoos, small LCD panels are turning up ever more widely these days, but there are wide disparities in the capabilities of these screens, the criteria on which they are bought and of course, in their prices....

Picture This:
Corrupted Contrast
By Jeff Sauer
I don't know about you, but I'm sure becoming jaded by display industry contrast ratio specifications. No, I'm becoming rather annoyed. It was disconcerting enough when the industry started measuring contrast differently, and we were hearing numbers like 2000:1 and 3000:1. Now some manufacturers are throwing out numbers like 10,000:1...

Forecast Season in Full Swing 

Is what’s good for the consumer TV business going to be good for professional and corporate AV specialist? Next year may not settle the question, but it will produce more evidence. Diverse industry observers are beginning to weigh in with their forecasts for 2006....

Picture This: 2005 In Review 
By Jeff Sauer
As we turn the last page on the 2005 calendar, it's an appropriate time to reflect on what's occurred over the last year and to plan ahead for next year. In the video and display industries, that means taking stock of the new products and trends that have emerged during 2005 and what potential...

Picture This: How Bright 
By Jeff Sauer
NEC's LCD 3210 (reviewed on p. 66 of this issue) offers a pretty good marker as to the current state of LCD color. That LCD panel does about as well as one could expect in reproducing solid primary (red, green, and blue) and even secondary (yellow, cyan, and magenta). But, as is generally the case with LCD panels...

Picture This: Integration
at InfoComm
By Jeff Sauer
As display technology has advanced, we've come to expect brighter, smaller, and less expensive projectors and brighter, larger, and less expensive panels. InfoComm 2005 had its share of them. However, as the industry itself...

The Next Killer App 
By Brad Gleeson
New industries evolve; they don't emerge overnight. The digital signage industry has reached the stage in its evolution. People are talking because virtually everyone notices the impact of high-resolution digital displays in an airport, a mall...

Installation Profile: Carmike Cinemas 
By Daniel Keller
As any Madison Avenue ad exec will tell you, in today's media-manic world the number one endangered species is the customer's attention span. As the MTV...

Will a new “big picture” change videoconferencing? 

Michael Clark, a partner in Avidex, Redmond, Wash., points to the high end of the videoconferencing marketplace as an arena in which several trends are coming together to create a significant opportunity for integrators. Mainly, Clark sees a need for a level of conferencing quality in both video and audio that most mainstream applications just don’t provide. A growing number of corporate users want to “eliminate the technology and just have the feeling that you’re standing there talking to someone.” ...

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