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Installation Profile:
Best in Show
By Judith Sagami
What separates a cutting-edge AV installation from a run-of-the-mill project? Surely, it's not just about the latest and greatest gear...

Consumer market drives change in corporate arena 

The consumer market for high-end video display systems and equipment isn’t just threatening to submerge the pro AV sector in sheer numbers. It’s also fundamentally altering the relationship between integrators and their corporate clients....

Picture This: Primary Focus 
By Jeff Sauer
Contrary to its annual trade show's reputation, the C in CEDIA doesn't stand for consumer. The Custom Electronic Design Installation Association's show, held this...

Picture This: What Is HD? 
By Jeff Sauer
A couple of weeks ago, I got into a discussion with some family members about HDTV, and it was a little discouraging. Admittedly, my family isn't as sophisticated...

BenQ FP231W 
By Jeff Sauer
BenQ is one of the highest-volume manufacturers of desktop LCD monitors in the world, but not much of a pioneer. Not concerned with premiering the latest,...

Installation Profile: Vegas Style 
By Bennett Liles
Visitors on the Las Vegas strip have been provided a new mecca for fashion marketing, and the Rouse Company, developer of the project, couldn't have picked...

The Buzz: Install of the Month 
By Trevor Boyer
One of the nation's largest book and multimedia retailers has adopted digital signage as a means to increase traffic and boost sales within its stores....

Installation Profile: Memphis Belle 
By Charles Conte
It's being called the digital research epicenter of the mid-South, a reference to its location on the seismic fault line that runs through Memphis. While...

Picture This: The Shape of Things to Come? 
By Jeff Sauer
Who do you think has the thinnest flat-panel display on the market? Panasonic, or NEC with a 3-inches deep plasma monitor? How about Sony, which has one...

The Future Is Now 
By Peter Putman
Many years ago, a lovable bunch of baseball players known as the Brooklyn Dodgers used to go down fighting year after year in the World Series at the...

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