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The Next Killer App 
By Brad Gleeson
New industries evolve; they don't emerge overnight. The digital signage industry has reached the stage in its evolution. People are talking because virtually everyone notices the impact of high-resolution digital displays in an airport, a mall...

Installation Profile: Carmike Cinemas 
By Daniel Keller
As any Madison Avenue ad exec will tell you, in today's media-manic world the number one endangered species is the customer's attention span. As the MTV...

Will a new “big picture” change videoconferencing? 

Michael Clark, a partner in Avidex, Redmond, Wash., points to the high end of the videoconferencing marketplace as an arena in which several trends are coming together to create a significant opportunity for integrators. Mainly, Clark sees a need for a level of conferencing quality in both video and audio that most mainstream applications just don’t provide. A growing number of corporate users want to “eliminate the technology and just have the feeling that you’re standing there talking to someone.” ...

Highest HD spec--1080p--highlights complexity of display choice 

For many corporate AV users, and the content creators who support them, the choice among today’s unprecedented array of display tools goes hand in hand with a commitment to a specific level of image resolution. Increasingly, 1080p video resolution (a progressive-scanned image of 1080 vertical lines) is seen as the final destination in the years-long evolution of digital video and television. “1080p is the highest spec of HD, and eventually people are going to want it,” says Steve Sechrist of Insight Media. People already considering buying systems that support 720p display will often think, “Why not spend a few more dollars and be ready for 1080p when it arrives?” Sechrist says ...

Corporate Initiatives installs boardrooms, conference facilities for Telstra  

Australian telecommunications company Telstra has a reputation to keep as a company that fully embraces cutting-edge technology. Twelve years ago, it had the foresight to employ a standard video projection system in its main executive meeting rooms. Today, Telstra uses AMX automation and integration to control high-level presentations and videoconferences between its Melbourne and Sydney facilities. By blending the required audio/video equipment with the innovative architectural design and overall purpose of these two conference rooms, the company has successfully set a new standard in multimedia business communications. Corporate Initiatives of Melbourne, Australia, completed Telstra's original installation of video projection equipment and the recent technology and control system upgrade design...

Picture This: Consumer Confluence 
By Jeff Sauer
The annual Consumer Electronics Show has a reputation for having all the latest gadgets, and that's well-deserved. Unfortunately, that perception ultimately...

A resolution for 2005 

Installation Profile:
Best in Show
By Judith Sagami
What separates a cutting-edge AV installation from a run-of-the-mill project? Surely, it's not just about the latest and greatest gear...

Consumer market drives change in corporate arena 

The consumer market for high-end video display systems and equipment isn’t just threatening to submerge the pro AV sector in sheer numbers. It’s also fundamentally altering the relationship between integrators and their corporate clients....

Picture This: Primary Focus 
By Jeff Sauer
Contrary to its annual trade show's reputation, the C in CEDIA doesn't stand for consumer. The Custom Electronic Design Installation Association's show, held this...

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