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Superior Court: Performance-based Infrastructure and Digital AV 
Cynthia Wisehart
Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse in Long Beach, Calif., is a pioneering public building and foreshadows how these buildings -- and their AV systems -- may be designed, built, and maintained in the future....

Church Concert 
By Joy Zaccaria
After consolidating into a new church, the it was time to upgrade the AV technology to a concert-level experience....

4K is a Game Changer for Live Events 
By Les Goldberg, LMG
4K Ultra HD not only looks spectacular on a flat panel, but the possibilities for presentations on the big screen are endless....

Invisible Network 
By Cynthia Wisehart
Inside Havas Worldwide in Manhattan, AV is everywhere, and nowhere....

Informational Showcase 

The age-old take-a-number ticket process at service centers can be painstakingly inefficient and create a poor brand impression. Time Warner has changed that....

Mattie St. Clair’s House of Spirits: Historical Installation Considerations 
By Tim Kridel
This historic brick building in downtown Minneapolis created a variety of "This Old House"-style challenges for AV integrator Entertech....

In the Club 
By Tim Kridel
Slate-NY is a massive 16,000-square-foot New York City watering hole that eschews traditional sports bar conceptions....

High Sign 
By Cynthia Wisehart
At Oakley’s new flagship store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, N.Y, the overhead LCD displays pulse with athlete footage and motion graphics, with the images spreading across the 27 screens to form one imposing canvas....

Technology-enabled Shopping Environments 
By Mark Boidman, managing director, Peter J Solomon Company
To prepare for expected increases in online sales, brick-and-mortar retailers would be well advised to make an investment in visual communications to allow consumers to interact with brands, as well as products or services. ...

4K Technology Brightens Installation Opportunities 
By Art Rankin, senior director AV business unit division management, Panasonic System Communications Company
The market has moved from standard definition to HD content, and it now stands on the cusp of a move into ultra HD or 4K content. ...

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