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Signage Streamlines Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Part 2

Nov 25, 2008 12:00 PM, By John W. DeWitt

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How does the information services department manage all these screens remotely?

We’re using NEC’s NaViSet software to control the screen. We only have one model of NEC screen here, but we can get hardware inventory, serial numbers, power controls, “change the channel,” and change color or resolution—in other words, we can remotely correct problems with display colors.

What are the most common display problems you deal with?

Sometimes doctors or other staff members turn off a screen. Because they’re not aware of the technology, some departments were turning off screens in the evenings, then the next day, staff would come in and say the screens weren’t working. The software enables us to take care of it in seconds from getting a call.

Do the doctors and medical staff like the new digital-signage system? What’s the impact on operations?

There are no complaints from the staff. We hear that is has increased workflow, making it faster and safer, enabling a much faster response time. It’s also a benefit to be able to reflect in real time on the screens whether patients are there or not. With patient families, the signage system seems to relax them a lot because they can see the status of their child—it lets them know that they’re OK.

What’s next for the hospital’s signage technology?

As digital signage grows, we hope to take the information and use it in other ways—for example, by implementing an interactive way finding system and interactive kiosks. We have two kiosks in pilot mode. Patients’ families can walk up, register, scan an insurance card, and pay their copayment with a credit card. As of right now, it’s working great. We’re piloting the kiosks at the new Liberty campus and in orthopedics in the main hospital campus. The touchscreen systems tie directly into our hospital management application.

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