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Toshiba Announces All-in-one Multimedia DVD Projector for Home Entertainment, Business, and Education

Sep 5, 2006 12:17 PM

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Toshiba's Digital Products Division introduced the TDP-ET20U DLP (digital light processing) mobile multimedia DVD projector, Toshiba's first all-in-one multimedia DVD projector featuring "extreme short projection" for home entertainment, business, or academic settings with an estimated single unit price of $1,399.

Ideal for movie nights, sporting events, video games, and regular TV viewing, as well as classroom and business presentations, the TDP-ET20U displays up to a 100in. diagonal screen image from just 3.9ft. away for an unobstructed viewing experience, whether placed on a desk, coffee table, or classroom AV cart.

The integrated DVD player allows users to play movies directly from the projector, and 5.1-channel Dolby Pro Logic surround sound provides cinema-like quality sound. Unique to all-in-one projectors, an RGB port is included for easy connection to a PC. An HDMI port is also included, providing an interface between any audio/video source such as a set-top box for cable TV viewing, digital television (DTV), or a PC, as well.

The projector comes packaged in a sleek, black piano finish casing. All input and output connectors are conveniently located on the front of the projector, avoiding a maze of cabling behind the unit and away from viewers' reach.

"The TDP-ET20U all-in-one projector is a complete solution for mobile professionals, teachers, businesses, and home entertainment," says Sam Malik, director of projector sales and marketing, Toshiba Digital Products Division. "It is the perfect projector for those 'prosumers' who want a lightweight, portable multimedia projector for work that they can take home on the weekend."

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