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Smart Launches New Interactive Whiteboard System

Jul 6, 2006 12:00 PM

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Smart Technologies announces the introduction of the Smart Board 600i interactive whiteboard system, a collaboration focal point for classrooms, training rooms, and meeting rooms. The 600i system combines a Smart Board interactive whiteboard and the new Unifi projector with built-in audio. Both projector and interactive whiteboard are easily and securely mounted on a wall.

Built into the pen tray of the Smart Board interactive whiteboard is a projector control module that brings together three simple buttons to power up the system, adjust the volume, and access the onscreen interface. The 20W audio system is built into the projector base. Compatible with Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X operating systems, the included Smart Board software 9.5 supports the creation, presentation, and management of digital content. A connection module, which can be mounted in any position around the Smart Board interactive whiteboard, provides several readily accessible input and output connections for devices such as a DVD, VCR, or document camera. The 600i system can also operate without being connected to a computer, so users can take notes on the interactive whiteboard or write over an image or video from an external source. To save their work, users can plug in a USB key and save the file as a .pdf, .jpg, or .notebook file.

"Smart Board interactive whiteboards are having a tremendous impact in classrooms, training rooms, and meeting rooms around the world," says Nancy Knowlton, Smart's president and co-CEO. "As the product category matures and interactive whiteboards are purchased in larger volumes by schools, school districts, governments, and businesses, an all-in-one option makes perfect sense—it simplifies the purchase decision, reduces setup time for IT staff, and makes it easier for users to get started."

The Smart Board 600i interactive whiteboard system will ship in the fall of 2006 at a suggested list price of $5,599 for the 680i model and $5,249 for the 660i model. Not-for-profit education institutions in the United States and Canada may qualify for a grant through the Smarter Kids Foundation of Canada equivalent to 25 percent of the suggested list price, reducing their net purchase price to $4,199 for the 680i and $3,939 for the 660i.

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