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What's New: Video Technology 

The NEC SpectraView LCD2180WG LED monitor uses a combination of red, green, and blue LEDs to produce its white-light backlight source, which provides...

Technology Showcase:
Videoconferencing Systems

By Bennett Liles

Videoconferencing had been a technology-in-waiting from the time AT&T introduced the first Picturephone at the 1964 World's Fair until about 10 years ago. Then, hardware started shrinking in size and price, while new compression techniques packed more data into the pipes and broadband access broke through to the suburbs...

Sony Introduces Two New LCD Display Lines  

Sony introduced two new product lines to its award-winning StylePro and DeluxePro series of LCD computer displays, engineered specifically for corporate, government, and education markets. The two new display lines offer multiple model configurations aimed at meeting the specific needs of the business professional, while providing the best cost-effective solution. Available in two sizes, 17in. and 19in., the new lines allow users to choose from more than 15 feature combinations to meet their office computing needs....

InfoComm Redux  

By Mark Johnson and Trevor Boyer

When I think of InfoComm, a snippet of an old Doobie Brothers song comes to mind: "It keeps you runnin'…" This is a big show, with much territory to cover. While not as large as NAB or CES, InfoComm has steadily grown to a size that only a limited number...

Kramer Connects with Hi-Speed FireWire 

Kramer Electronics, Ltd., a worldwide supplier of audio, video, and computer graphics signal distribution, switching, and processing equipment for the broadcast, production, security, education, home theater, and pro AV presentation markets, announced the newest addition to its popular line of Kramer Tools, the VS-30FW FireWire repeater/hub....

Sonic Foundry Releases New Line of Mediasite Recorders 

Sonic Foundry has announced the release of the Mediasite 440 series of rich media recorders. Debuting at InfoComm 2005, the expanded Mediasite line now includes a newly designed mobile Mediasite ML440 recorder, the rackmountable Mediasite RL440 recorder, and an entirely new addition: the Mediasite VL440 videoconferencing recorder. With the Mediasite 440 series, Sonic Foundry continues to drive the evolution of rich media communications with the industry's most complete offering of recording and publishing solutions to address a variety of organizational requirements for rich media. Pioneering the Rich Media Industry
Whether capturing multimedia presentations, meetings, or videoconferences, each Mediasite rich media recorder is optimized for distinct applications, giving organizations and system integrators maximum flexibility to build the types of rich media communication environments that precisely fit their needs. Mediasite rich media recorders seamlessly integrate with existing AV, presentation, and videoconferencing technologies to immediately expand any organization's rich media communication possibilities. In addition, Sonic Foundry added a number of powerful capabilities, including the ability to quickly edit content captured with Mediasite, advanced automation, and expanded browser support for playback. ...

Masque Sound's PWS to Roll Out Wireless Closed-circuit Music Box 

Professional Wireless Systems (PWS), a Masque Sound company, is enjoying growing success with Music Box, a unique portable, wireless closed-circuit radio station. Originally developed for Feld Entertainment touring shows including "Disney On Ice" and "Ringling Bros. Circus," the updated Music Box model will service a range of sporting, corporate, house of worship, government, and educational needs. Music Box provides synchronized high-quality audio to virtually any point in a venue. Masque Sound vice president Geoff Shearing reports company plans for a national rollout and comments, “Our PWS division has achieved remarkable results with this innovative technology. We are confident that it has many potential applications including sporting, corporate, house of worship, and educational events.” ...

Kramer Electronics Introduces the TP-41/TP-42 Transmitter/Receiver Combination 

Kramer Electronics, a worldwide supplier of audio, video, and computer graphics signal distribution, switching, and processing equipment for the broadcast, production, security, education, home theater, and pro AV presentation markets, has added the to the TP-41 transmitter and TP-42 receiver to its product line. The compact and economical solutions simplify the routing of component video and digital audio signals over inexpensive and convenient Cat-5 cable. The TP-41 transmitter/encoder includes an analog component video input and a digital audio input (S/PDIF), all on RCA connectors. The range of the Cat-5 output to the TP-42 receiver/decoder easily exceeds 300ft. ...

Toshiba Announces Multi-function Projector for Premium Presentations  

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