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Califone Classroom Infrared System Offers Enhanced Sound Distribution

Jul 19, 2006 3:53 PM

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Califone International, the San Fernando, Calif.-based manufacturer of high-quality audiovisual technology for academic and professional use, launched a new line of installed presentation systems with the introduction of the Classroom Infrared System. Designed for installation in a variety of educational venues, the Califone Classroom Infrared System provides educators and presenters with significantly increased coverage and improved sound distribution over similar products.

"We understand the needs of educators for a system that fits their budgets yet offers safety, durability, and superior sound quality for instructional uses," says Tim Ridgway, vice president of marketing at Califone. "We're using our expertise in portable presentation systems and wireless technology, in addition to the feedback from our customers, to deliver a top-of-the-line installed system at a cost-effective price." Numerous studies verify the educational benefits of sound field amplification systems, including increased on-task behavior and student attention to oral instruction, improved comprehension among ELL students, and reduced vocal strain and fatigue for teachers.

The Califone Classroom Infrared System offers all the benefits of wireless sound field amplification without the interference between adjacent classrooms, providing greater coverage and reception as well as even sound distribution. Two ceiling-mounted infrared receivers double the available coverage to accommodate large classrooms. Unlike systems using ceiling speakers, which randomly bounce the sound off walls, the Classroom Infrared System uses two powerful array speakers to project the sound pattern directly at the audience. Poor acoustics and the presence of background noise such as heating/air conditioning in classrooms often affect students' ability to hear. With evenly distributed sound provided by the Califone presentation system, students in every area of the classroom can hear oral instruction and educational audio clearly.

The array speakers are wall-mounted with heavy-duty steel brackets for hassle-free installation. The system also includes a lightweight belt-pack transmitter with lapel microphone for the educator, a wireless handheld microphone for student use, and a lockable metal case that stores the volume, brass, and treble controls, as well as the line inputs and outputs.

A six-year limited warranty and service support is included with the purchase of the Classroom Infrared System. The Califone warranty covers school and library use, which is not available typically with consumer electronics; thus making it a practical, cost-effective solution for libraries, schools, and districts. The Classroom Infrared System, Model P130-IRSYS costs $950. To order, contact a Califone dealer.

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