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Alliance International Introduces the iV-200E Document Camera

Nov 24, 2005 8:00 AM

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Alliance International, a distributor and manufacturer of AV equipment based in San Diego, has introduced a digital document camera with 2 million pixels and special software for scanning and annotation. The camera easily displays documents clearly enough to read 8-point type when connected to a data projector or large-screen display.

The Avio Intelligent Vision iV-200E is a professional-class document camera, incorporating a progressive scan CCD camera with 6X digital zoom and the ability to transfer captured images to a computer via USB cable. The unit connects to a data projector or flat-panel display with a standard VGA monitor cable to show large-screen images. The iV-200E resembles a flatbed scanner with the camera positioned underneath the glass platen. It is as easy as a traditional OHP to use because users simply place a transparency, magazine, book, or a solid 3D object right on the glass.

“An important benefit of the iV-200E is its amazing image quality,” says Craig Justice, president of Alliance International. “The images are so clear and the colors so vibrant. And it’s so easy to use.” Users never need to focus an image (since the focal length is fixed) or adjust lighting (since lights are built in under the platen). Images are always bright, in focus, and evenly lit without hot spots, even in dark rooms.

Unlike traditional document cameras, the iV-200E does not have a camera arm. Nor does it have a focus button or an external arm light. The design is similar to an OHP without the arm. The other major difference is resolution. Most digital document cameras sold are 850,000 pixels, which makes it difficult to read small text when a full page is shown. The iV-200E provides a solution for users who want to show the whole page and be able to read it.

The iV-200E resembles an Avio projector except it is a camera-only model (without a projector engine). The iV-200E is Avio’s first entry into the document camera field, and comes at a time when more and more customers are mounting projectors to ceilings. Thus, customers with ceiling-mounted projectors and large-screen displays will be able to benefit from Avio’s advanced camera technology with the iV-200E. Avio has appointed Alliance International as the U.S. distributor for the iV-200E.

Other features of the iV-200E include a compact flesh memory card slot (for saving images) and USB image transfer of saved images. When the USB cable is plugged into a computer, the iV-200E automatically downloads iViewer software with annotation and whiteboard functions to the computer. Images are transferred as JPEG files with a resolution of 1600x1200. Up to 32 images may be stored in internal memory. All stored images may be transferred to the computer by pressing the transfer button on the unit. The rate of transfer is about six pages a second, making the iV-200E an efficient scanner. Captured images may be marked up and annotated using Alliance’s Digital Class LCD writing monitor, which is available as an option, or a standard computer mouse.

The iV-200E is available now through professional AV integrators and education specialists for $3,195.

For more information about the iV-200E, visit

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