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Plus Vision Introduces Dual-Color-Mode Projector

Sep 20, 2005 8:00 AM

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Plus Vision raises the bar in the projection industry with the introduction of its V-339. According to the company, its DLP projector with patent-pending Dual Color Mode technology is the first projector that can switch between two color modes for optimal color usage. This 2.8lb., 1300-lumen projector is ideal for home or business use within industry segments like health care, pharmaceutical, architecture, design, photography, education, and government.

With an award-winning design, the V-Series projector allows users to push a single button to switch color-wheel configurations between presentation and premium video applications. For business presentations, a four-segment color wheel, “dynamic mode,” consisting of red, green, blue, and white color segments can be used. For home use or business applications, when more vibrant color saturation is required, the projector can be switched to the six-segment color wheel, “vivid mode,” which has a red-green-blue-red-green-blue configuration.

Vivid mode is ideal when very natural color reproduction is desired, for viewing richly colored digital camera photographs or projecting DVDs. Dynamic mode emphasizes clearness and is excellent for projecting in bright locations and business environments. In addition to the advantage of being able to use the projector at home, there are many business applications where the dual nature offers enhanced projection. Toggling can be performed on the fly with the DCM button on the unit or the remote control, even during projection.

“For users who want a projection system that can display video and crystal-clear presentations, this is the best projector choice,” Bob Ferguson, vice president of Plus Vision, says. “The V-339 is like two projectors in one because it combines the display of colors with the precision of images.”

Plus Vision’s V-339 is a true XGA projector with a contrast ratio of 2000:1. Fast setup and teardown features are standard. It takes only 18 seconds for projection of the source image from the time the unit is powered on. With Un-Plug-and-Go, the unit’s fan operates until it is cooled down without the power cord plugged in. The built-in iris lens cover offers one-touch operation to open and close the rotary lens, without fear of losing it.

The V-339 also adjusts picture distortion with fully automated source detection and keystone correction seconds after it is turned on and pointed at the screen. To square the projected image, the projector has a built-in gyroscope technology that automatically adjusts the trapezoidal effect and squares the image.

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