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Optimized On-campus Audio

Jun 11, 2014 10:23 AM

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To produce more than 1,100 events over the course of a year, Jonathan Sage—who leads the audio and event services area of the Media Technology Services department at Boston College—needs an inventory stocked with professional audio equipment that is easy to move around campus and is extremely versatile. Whether preparing for one of the university’s high-profile speaking engagements—which have featured guests including then-Senator Barack Obama, Boston Mayor, Marty Walsh, actress Amy Poehler, and poet Maya Angelou, among others—or completing an in-classroom audio installation, Sage has used Shure wireless technology.

When the Shure ULX-D digital wireless system was launched, Sage was intrigued by the combination of the system’s affordable price point and extensive features, especially given his success using other Shure wireless systems on campus such as the UHF-R wireless microphone system, ULX Professional (ULX-P), and SLX systems.

With new facilities being built on Boston College’s nearby Brighton Campus, and an increasing number of highly attended events happening every year, Sage decided to purchase four channels of Shure ULX-D, AXT900 battery charging system, four beltpacks, and four handhelds. The ULX-D system is combined with the ULXD4Q quad-channel digital wireless receiver and the ULXD4D dual-channel digital wireless receiver and installed in classrooms and other event spaces across campus.

Sage has also found the ULX-D integration of Dante Digital Networking a substantial feature for simplifying his day-to-day operations. By using the system in the campus’ Conte Forum arena, Dante-enabled classrooms, or with an SCM820, he is able to transmit and receive multiple channels of audio over a single Ethernet cable. Additionally, through the integration of Dante, Sage can perform discovery and patching operations from a Yamaha CL series console. “Whenever I need to record an event’s audio, it’s so easy to add my SCM820 to the mix,” Sage says. “The networkability is incredible, and the Dante virtual soundcard just makes life so much easier.”


Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless System

The ULX-D Digital Wireless offers 24-bit audio clarity and efficient RF performance with single-, dual-, and quad-channel receivers for any size professional sound reinforcement application. Optional rechargeable accessories eliminate the need for disposable batteries while offering extended run time and metering accuracy in hours and minutes. For secure transmission, all ULX-D components include AES-256 encryption.

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