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Higher Education 

By Dan Daley

Back in high school, it might have been more fun to have been the guitar player than the AV specialist. However, at a time when the music business has...

Installation Profile: Practicing High-end Medicine  

By Dan Daley

By pure coincidence, I had a doctor's appointment the same day I was to interview two of the principals involved in the systems integration work for the...

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Redlands School District, San Bernadino County, Calif.  

By Trevor Boyer

Earlier this year, the Redlands School District, located in San Bernardino County in Southern California, came to Digital Networks Group (DNG) with a...

Turning Technological Potential into Classroom Reality 

By Linda Seid Frembes

Jim Moulton, an educational technology consultant based in Bowdoin, Maine, likes to relay an exchange he had with a kindergarten teacher at a conference session he was conducting in Tennessee. The teacher said: "Jim, I'm a kindergarten teacher, and I’m getting worried about the number of kids coming into my classroom who don’t know how scissors work."...

Meyer Sound M’elodie Cuts Loose at Dartmouth College 

The Hopkins Center for the Arts at Dartmouth College regularly presents more than 100 music, dance, and theater performances each year, as well as film screenings and other events. To better serve an increasing demand for top-quality amplified sound, Hopkins Center management recently upgraded the audio component of its 900-seat Spaulding Auditorium to include a new Meyer Sound system...

Portable Presentation 

In a unique demonstration of Hitachi’s ability to provide unprecedented freedom in corporate environments, Horizon Philanthropic Services recently purchased a Hitachi CPX1 3LCD projector for its corporate headquarters. ...

Visual Learners Aided by AV and IT 

By Linda Seid Frembes

The use of teaching tools to help visual learners (students who learn by using visual aids) are plentiful thanks to the proliferation of AV technology in the classroom. While students of yore could rely on charts and graphs or pictures in a book, today's visual learner can experience live...

Westfield High School Adopts New Approach to Venue Acoustics  

On the surface, Westfield High School, located 20 miles north of Houston, seems to be a fairly ordinary public high school, with successful sports teams and National Merit Scholars. But below the surface, Westfield High is far from typical--in fact, it is at the leading edge of technology, housing one of the earliest installations of Meyer Sound's...

Picture This: Short Throws 

By Jeff Sauer

One of the most intriguing announcements at InfoComm 07, at least to me, revolved around Sanyo's LP-XL50 — an extreme-short-throw projector that can generate 80in.-diagonal images while positioned just 3in. from the screen....

PE Classes Use AV, Media, and Video Games to Combat Obesity 

By Linda Seid Frembes

As schools are adding more and more classroom AV systems, it is the natural progression that AV will show up in other areas outside of the classroom. Recent trends have included the addition of professional sound systems, flat panel displays, and video games into physical education (PE) classes...

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