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Classroom Capture 

By Don Kreski

Palo Alto University (PAU) is anything but average. ...

Strategies for Reliable, Cost-Effective Cloud Storage 

By Tim Kridel

Cloud-based services are increasingly common in IT, and as more AV devices wind up on IP networks, it’s no surprise that applications such as digital signage and videoconferencing are migrating to cloud architectures, too....

Cloud Encoding 

By Jan Ozer

How live and on-demand transcoding works and discuss when they can be better alternatives than encoding internally. ...

Live Streaming Over 4G 

By Jan Ozer

While many of your clients are probably already streaming live from within their facility, you may be hearing questions about streaming from away games or during services performed outside of the facility. ...

Digital Signposts: Cutting Through The Communication Clutter 

By Vern Freedlander, Vice President, Production, X2O Media

People are busy, and they are only getting busier. The constant flow of emails and demands on time make it increasingly difficult for employees to wade through and pick out what is important, what can wait, and what is spam....

A Closer Look at Streaming Servers 

By Jan Ozer

How to choose between the candidates? The obvious first question is whether it can deliver video to the platforms that you’re targeting using the technologies and protocols that you want to use. A quick review of the origins of each server will shed some light here. ...

The Value of Continuing Education for a Programmer 

By Patrick Barron

There is not a single college degree that can completely prepare an AV systems programmer for all of the situations they will encounter in the course of working with a typical system. ...

Starin Selling Out Barco ClickShare  

Starin, the exclusive U.S. supplier for Barco’s ClickShare, shipped out the first batch of systems this month. ...

Inside the HDBaseT Standard, Part 2 

With Bennett Liles

Scott Wellington, senior product manager for projectors, from Panasonic talks about the company's new HDBaseT-enable projector....

AV/IT Integration Roundtable: The Human Element 

With Bennett Liles

Much has been written about the AV/IT hardware convergence and we’re well into subsequent chapters on the melding of technical functions between networked AV control and the well-established use of networks for audio and video conveyance. ...

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