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Educational Publishers Push for Digital Content 

By Linda Seid Frembes

The quick adoption of classroom AV such as projectors, document cameras, and interactive whiteboards has spurred the creation and dissemination of digital content for the education market. In addition to educators creating their own original content, textbook publishers such as Pearson, McGraw-Hill, and Houghton Mifflin offer supplemental content and alternatice formats such as e-books and online resource centers...

Installation Profile: AV Update 

By Dan Daley

When the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., graduated its first class in 1854, semaphore flags were the primary means sailors used for long-distance...

Management Perspectives: Getting Seen and Heard  

By Don Kreski

Why are case histories so useful, and so widely used, in technical industries like ours? They are useful because they give print and online readers a...

Getting into Government 

By Michael Goldman

Last year around this time, SVC brought you an exclusive behind-the-scenes story of the audio upgrade project done at the U.S. Senate Chamber. It was...

Picture This: LCD Market Watch  

By Jeff Sauer

Over the last several years, LCD has become the dominant technology for new HDTV purchases. According to DisplaySearch a market-research firm in Austin,...

Georgia High School Invests in Digital Broadcast Studio 

By Linda Seid Frembes

Forsyth County, Ga., located just outside of the Atlanta metropolitan area, is known for many things. Most famously, it was voted one of the "best places to get ahead" by Forbes magazine. According to the rankings, Forsyth County has enjoyed an enviable 21-percent growth in income since 2000...

Student-response Systems Offer Immediate Feedback 

By Linda Seid Frembes

Student-response systems have gained popularity in recent years especially with the trend of increased student-teacher interaction and the need to establish measureable goals under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The technology powering response systems have changed rapidly since the 1960s, when audience- (or personal-) response systems first debuted...

Technology Showcase: Live Digital Mixers  

By Kent Morris

From mid-size churches to regional theaters, blues clubs to corporate venues, digital consoles have become the norm for new installations and retrofits....

Texas School District Focuses on Teacher Skills 

By Linda Seid Frembes

The educators at Lovejoy Independent School District (LISD) in Lovejoy, Texas, not only love to teach, but they love to learn. Located 25 miles north of Dallas, LISD recently added 235 Hitachi StarBoard FX-Duo interactive whiteboards for the 2008-2009 school year ...

Smart Podiums Get an All-in-one Connection 

By Linda Seid Frembes

As AV technology evolves, classroom AV systems are becoming more intuitive and easier to use despite the growing number of components. A new crop of AV products recently debuted at shows such as NAB and InfoComm to make the use of multiple AV components ...

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