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Technology Showcase: Live Digital Mixers  

By Kent Morris

From mid-size churches to regional theaters, blues clubs to corporate venues, digital consoles have become the norm for new installations and retrofits....

Texas School District Focuses on Teacher Skills 

By Linda Seid Frembes

The educators at Lovejoy Independent School District (LISD) in Lovejoy, Texas, not only love to teach, but they love to learn. Located 25 miles north of Dallas, LISD recently added 235 Hitachi StarBoard FX-Duo interactive whiteboards for the 2008-2009 school year ...

Smart Podiums Get an All-in-one Connection 

By Linda Seid Frembes

As AV technology evolves, classroom AV systems are becoming more intuitive and easier to use despite the growing number of components. A new crop of AV products recently debuted at shows such as NAB and InfoComm to make the use of multiple AV components ...

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Austin Independent School District, Austin, Texas  

By Garry Wilkison, Austin Digital Media

The Austin Independent School District (AISD) has been a leader in technology in the Austin, Texas, community for many years. In 1982, AISD was one of...

Expert Viewpoint: Educators, Meet Integrators 

By Pat Thompson and Bill Cyree

Today, the education market is taking greater advantage of AV technology than ever before — using it as a training tool; as a means of analyzing and preserving students' work...

Putting the AV in Education 

By Dan Daley

As important as they are to the work of systems integrators, AV systems used for paging, security, and conferencing have a largely peripheral place in most average people's lives...

Expert Roundtable: Trends in Education 

By Jack Kontney

The education market for AV installation is both segmented and expansive. In terms of needs, goals, and requirements, there are distinct differences between K-12 and higher education...

Installation Profile: HD Distance Education  

By Dan Daley

The concept of distance learning has a contemporary ring to it, but it's rooted less in the high tech of the 21st century than it is in the social revolutions of the 1960s...

2008 Pick Hit Award Winners 

By Trevor Boyer

At InfoComm 08—as with any tradeshow—technological innovations generated the bulk of the buzz on the show floor. But with so much to see, and so much misplaced hype, it's easy to forget what was introduced last year in a different package—or to miss the truly revolutionary little I/O box. ...

Unified Communication Platforms in Higher Education 

By Linda Seid Frembes

Higher education administrators and staff members face an enormous challenge of trying to effectively communicate to a transient group of people on campus. Some students live on campus during the school year while other students live elsewhere and only come to campus to attend classes. ...

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