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Digital Signposts: How to Build a Digital Signage Network Brand 

By Vern Freedlander, X2O Media, Vice President, Production

Digital signage networks need a sense of identity to communicate to viewers that they are watching or interacting with a unique channel that has a specific purpose....

Teleconferencing Acoustics 

By Russ Berger

With the evolution of technology, the conferencing concept has gone from people interacting face to face in the same room to an experience that no longer requires participants to be in close proximity for effective dialogue and communication....

Technology in the Court 

By Dan Daley

State-of-the-art mock courtrooms at the University of Memphis law school demonstrate future courtroom technology....

State-of-the-art Courtroom Template 

The University of Memphis has the privilege of providing its new law students with some of the most advanced and intelligent AV systems for its five large classrooms and its mock and moot courtrooms....

Conference Technologies 

Established in 1988 in St. Louis, Conference Technologies now has nine offices throughout the Midwest. ...

Welcome to the Net-centric AV Era 

By Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., Executive Director and CEO, InfoComm International

At the end of the next decade, it is possible the industry might be called the Information Communications Technology Industry as it completes the business convergence that is following the ongoing technical convergence with the IT industry. ...

Saved by the Bell: Classroom Audio Over IP, Part 2 

With Bennett Liles

At the Calvary Baptist School and Church in Conroe, Texas, they needed a way for campus-wide announcements, fire drill signals, and piped music for special events; the Barix Annuncicom and BellCommander Software had the solution. ...

Latest NSCA Research Evaluates Electronic Systems Crossover 

The latest Market Intelligence Briefing (MIB) report, Commercial-Residential Crossover in the Electronic Systems Industry, from the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) in partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)...

Saved by the Bell: Classroom Audio over IP, Part 1 

With Bennett Liles

When IT manager Jerry Boyd set up the computer network at Calvary Baptist School and Church, the school had no way to make announcements or signal the beginning of classes...

AV Asset Control on a University Campus, Part 2 

With Bennett Liles

At Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, they're upgrading the AV control systems and installing Extron's TouchLink touchpanel controllers...

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