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Classroom of the Future?

Aug 7, 2012 2:34 PM

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Special Report: Education
The Integrated Classroom
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At this year’s InfoComm show, Xantech debuted its vision for the classroom of the future. The demo room showed how educators could use the latest technology to create a collaborative, immersive multimedia teaching environment by using Xantech’s SPLCD64 touchpanel and XLIP800 controller.

"In an education system that will soon be dominated by the proliferation of e-textbooks and digital devices, school districts are increasingly looking to implement simple, efficient systems that allow educators to monitor progress and leverage digital interface devices to increase students’ productivity and maximize learning potential," says Xantech Senior Project Manager, Thu Le. "It’s our belief that using multimedia and having the ability to conference with professionals and subject matter experts from around the world will lead to a new age of education, enabling learning in an interactive and personal way that has never been possible before."

Using Xantech’s XLIP800, teachers can connect up to 32 PCs or tablets to a central system where they can monitor each individual student’s screen or a combination of screens, allowing them to teach and interact digitally with individual students or the whole class. The educator’s view can be presented on a computer monitor, flatscreen TV, or projection system. This way, the educator can personally compare and contrast work being done on each device or share the video streams with the entire classroom.

The demo room featured several iPads connected to Xantech’s XLIP800 controller and SPLCD64 touchscreen, a TV One video switcher, and a large-screen LCD TV to display the educator’s view to attendees.

The full Xantech setup included (total MSRP $2,000): one SPLCD64G touchscreen, one XLIP800 controller; two IPRS232 IP-to-Serial converters; one 79144 connecting block; and one Xantech 283D IR emitter.

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