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Daktronics Introduces ColorSmart Color Changing Scoreboard Digits

Oct 18, 2006 8:58 PM

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Daktronics of Brookings, S.D., has released a new innovation in scoreboard technology: ColorSmart color-changing light emitting diode (LED) digits. Scoreboards with this technology will respond instantly to the ever-changing action of sporting events. When the game clock is running in ColorSmart mode, the scoreboard displays the movement of the period time in green. The moment officials stop the clock, the time on the scoreboard illuminates in red.

When the clock shows less than one minute, the time is displayed in amber. ColorSmart technology also has the capability to signal which team is leading in the number of points scored. The score of the leading team is shown in green, while their opponent’s score is displayed in red. The colors change with each lead change. When teams are tied, the scoreboard displays both scores in amber. All this happens instantly, enabling ColorSmart scoreboards to reflect the dynamic nature of sports activities. Each color-changing feature is individually controlled and may be overridden manually.

“It brings another level of information and entertainment to the game,” says Troy Erickson, sport products mechanical engineering manager. “It’s more visual and more dynamic. The color changing digits integrate the scoreboard more directly into the atmosphere of the game. At the quickest glance, the ColorSmart digits provide a higher level of involvement for players and fans.”

Daktronics is the first company to design and manufacture color-changing scoreboards. Randy Uehran, sport products electrical engineering manager, expects the product to be well received. “Fans are comfortable with color-coded information,” Uehran says. “It is common for television networks to use color to designate team information during sports broadcasts. Now we are bringing that preference to scoreboards.”

Daktronics ColorSmart digits leverage Daktronics patented UniView digit technology and continue the rugged construction of Daktronics Tuff Sport scoreboards. ColorSmart technology is currently available in five models and about 10 ColorSmart-compatible scoreboards, which include stats displays, shot clocks and timers. ColorSmart scoreboards score basketball, volleyball, and wresting.

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