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Chief introduces new accessories for the RPA Custom and RPA-U projector mounts

Feb 10, 2005 8:00 AM

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Chief’s RPA series projector mounts are now further customizable with a series of new accessories. Our cable management products, CMA-165 junction box adapter and the new CMA-347 vibration isolator offer unique designs and long-awaited solutions for the new RPA-U Universal projector mount and the RPA Custom projector mount.

Chief’s cable management accessories include the CMA-152 NPT Coupler with Cable Access Feature and the CMA-275 Quick-Snap Cable Cover. The CMA-152 allows 1½in. NPT column connections while still allowing access to the cables that run through the columns. The Quick-Snap Cable Cover is a kit of three units of 4ft. long cable management covers that manage cables by snapping onto the outside of any column from 1 9/10in. to 2¾in. in diameter.

For home installations where the projector needs to suspend between ceiling joists, the CMA-165 Junction Box Adapter spans between 16in. and 24in. joists to support the projector. The Junction Box Adapter also includes an integrated cable management system and a ceiling plate for ease of installation.

Chief’s innovative design of the CMA-347 vibration isolator brings a long-overdue solution to a common problem. The vibration isolator reduces image movement on a projector by using counter-balancing weights to stabilize the projector. A common application for this accessory includes buildings with HVAC systems that induce unwanted vibrations in the projected image.

For more information on Chief’s full line of projector mounts and accessories, visit

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