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Leightronix Offers TCD/NX Video Server

Mar 16, 2006 8:00 AM

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Leightronix’s TCD/NX

Leightronix’s new TCD/NX multichannel digital video server features advanced digital video messaging and an innovative approach to online media storage using external USB 2.0 hard drive configurations. The unique features and low cost of the TCD/NX make it an ideal solution for video messaging applications and local television operations.

The TCD/NX is controlled exclusively by the Leightronix TCD/IP network managed video system controller. Up to 16 TCD/NX servers can be configured under the control of one TCD/IP for automated control of up to 32 channels of playback and 16 channels of recording. Manual and scheduled playback and recording is done via the TCD/IP and the provided WinTCD software.

The server uses external hard drives connected via four USB 2.0 ports to allow users to conveniently and inexpensively expand media storage up to 1TB. Various drive configurations are possible and include support for select RAID-protected storage.

High-speed Ethernet allows files to be offloaded, shared or archived, or sent to other TCD/NX servers for playback. Files encoded outside the TCD/NX, such as those output directly from a nonlinear editor, can be easily and quickly loaded onto the USB storage drives for playback.

Each server is equipped with two playback channels and one independent record channel, and features simultaneous playback and recording on all three channels. Users control the quality of recordings by selecting video data bit rates and constant or variable bit rate encoding (CBR and VBR).

The two playback channels perform double duty, decoding MPEG video/audio files as well as JPEG video slides. JPEG video slides are the basis of the digital video messaging feature and can be used to create dynamic video slide show presentations to accompany program playback. Video playback is easily synchronized with video messaging to seamlessly fill gaps between video programs with striking and effective messages. The combination of video playback and messaging provides a fully integrated digital solution for unattended television operations and eliminates the need for additional digital signage or video messaging equipment.

JPEG video slides are managed remotely via the Internet with WebNX, a TCD/NX Web interface. WebNX features a secure login connection and online video slide creation using more than 50 provided JPEG backgrounds and powerful text editing tools.

With the text editor, users can add messages to slides and select font style, size, color, and location. Eight fonts designed especially for broadcast television are included. Complete JPEG video slides can also be created with third-party graphics applications and uploaded for immediate display.

Independent folders that contain shows of individual slides on the Web interface allow multiple users to create and manage their own slide shows. With advanced slide management options, users can control the days, date, or time of day when each slide will be displayed. For security and approval of content, the administrator previews and organizes the individual slides prior to airing and schedules the master slide shows. Trusted users may be allowed to bypass this process with automatic slide authorization rights granted by the administrator.

The audio background feature in the TCD/NX management software allows a slide show to be scheduled with a digital audio file. Ten audio files are included with the software and can be scheduled to play through once or loop for the duration of the slide show.

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