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Flatpanel Mounts

Apr 21, 2010 12:00 PM, By Mike Keadle

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Chief Manufacturing Fusion LSMVU

Chief Manufacturing Fusion LSMVU

Flatpanel displays surround our everyday lives—at home, at work, and even in the aisles of the supermarket. Flatpanels have shown huge growth in popularity and market share in the last few years, and that trend isn’t dwindling in the slightest. Falling prices have contributed heavily to that rise in popularity; no longer a luxury item, they are now within reach of nearly every budget. As with any successful product, other companies have found ways to make the flatpanel experience better by offering accessories to go with them.

We now have at our fingertips just about any type of mount or accessory we can imagine to go with the newest plasma, LCD, or LED display. We can hang them from walls, hide them in furniture, rotate them, and even lift them into the ceiling. We can also mount on them just about any other piece of equipment we care to. Here’s a look at some of the latest flatpanel mounts and accessories available on the market.

Avteq has taken the viewer as close to the center of the action as possible in a videoconference with its PS-100L-CTR dual-display wall mount with a center camera shelf. Unlike other shelves that sit above or below the display, Avteq’s CTR shelf allows you to position two displays side by side with no gap between them and locate your camera dead-center of them. This provides an obvious advantage in bringing direct eye contact between participants to a maximum level. The PS-100L-CTR mount will accommodate displays 32in. to 65in.

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Avteq’s RPS-800S is the newest in a wide line of carts for the company. It will hold up to a 52in. display, and it comes standard with lockable rear access panels and a front door, 9RU threaded rack rails, and an adjustable camera mount—features usually found only on high-end carts. Accessories available for the RPS-800S include an accessory shelf, a rackmount surge protector, and a loudspeaker module.

Chief Manufacturing has added to its successful line of Fusion series mounts. Standard features of the Fusion series include Centerless lateral shift to aid in centering the display regardless of stud placement; Click Connect, which provides an audible click to ensure that the mount is properly seated; and built-in cable stands to prop the display out from the wall, allowing easy access to cables and connections on the display. The company also now offers its Fusion FCK series accessories to connect two Fusion mounts side by side. This makes the task of leveling multiple displays far easier and less time-consuming. Coupled with the company’s ControlZone feature on some mounts, post-installation leveling and adjustment is now possible as well.

Also new are the Fusion series Pull-Out wall mounts, MSMVU and LSMVU. These mounts are designed to simplify installation in multiple-display videowalls. They incorporate all of the standard features of the Fusion line, as well as adding individual plumb adjustments to ensure that the displays all line up perfectly. They can even be used to compensate for walls that are not perfectly flat. The design of the mounts allows them to be pulled out from the wall 7in. This allows access to all cabling and connections and makes servicing the videowall a breeze, even on the center displays. The Fusion Pull-Out mounts fit displays 26in. to 63in., and they can be used in videowalls from 2x2 and larger.

Da-Lite’s Advance series flatpanel wall mounts were designed to make life easier for both the installer and the order-entry department. The line offers static, tilting, and fully articulating models all built for ultimate mounting compatibility with most displays. The flexibility of the mounts means that you can stock only a handful of stock-keeping units (SKUs) to cover just about any mounting situation or display you come across. All members of the Advance line are crafted of heavy-gauge steel and are powder-coated for a durable, long-lasting finish. All carry a five-year warranty.

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