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Emtelle's Pre-terminated Fiber Unit Aims to Eliminate Field Splicing

Mar 14, 2007 8:00 AM

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In line with its efforts to make air-blown fiber installation faster and easier, fiber manufacturer Emtelle now offers pre-terminated fiber-optic units that are plugged into the box at the customer premises.

According to Emtelle, the pre-terminated units offer several advantages over field splicing. They require less labor, which can create substantial savings, and eliminate the potential problems that could arise from lack of experience with installation or the skillset required for field splicing, or using the wrong tools. The unit can be installed using industry-standard blowing equipment, requiring only a simple stand to dispense the fiber.

The units are produced in a controlled factory environment. This ensures that they can be manufactured in accordance with custom requirements, such as unit length and connector type. The company claims the controlled environment ensures that the units—and thus the exchange-destination link as a whole—are more likely to offer high performance levels and greater longevity.

The pre-terminated fiber units are useful in a range of applications, including FTTH networks and LANs. In such applications—where connections typically must be made numerous times within a community or building—the simplicity and speed of pre-termination soon may add up to substantial savings on typical labor costs.

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