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Digital Signage Technology Showcase

Dec 7, 2010 10:54 AM, By Mike Keadle

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Sony’s Ziris line of digital signage products is composed of several different divisions. Ziris Create software is the content creation portion of the Ziris suite. It works with almost all media types and offers a powerful Timeline tool to allow display of content in daily or weekly schedules.

Ziris Manage monitors and reports devices on the Ziris network. It measures performance and playout of devices and screens through an easy-to-navigate tree-like interface. This allows quick inspection of the Ziris network and also allows tracking of the playout for advertising clients.

Ziris View is Sony’s digital signage player software. It turns any Windows Vista- or Windows 7-based computer into a high-performance digital signage player. Ziris View can display most media formats including Flash, and it can even display material from live websites.

Ziris Transfer distributes content on larger networks. It prevents the Ziris Create application from being bogged down in performance due to heavy file transfers. Transfer also provides functionality such as automatically retrying failed transfers and allowing content delivery within a given time to further reduce network impact.

Ziris Edge allows content caching on a Ziris network. It allows players to pull content rather than store it locally, and it helps to eliminate issues with firewalls through the use of HTTP. Edge also works with dynamically changing IP addresses.

Spinetix offers the world’s first Hyper Media Player, the HMP100. The HMP100 is an alternative to traditional PC-based signage devices. It is based upon open protocols and formats, which allow straight-forward and cost-effective integration with standard web-based skills and freely available technologies. The HMP100 only uses 2W of power&emdash;about 50 times less than the average digital signage PC, which uses around 100W. The HMP100 unit does not require a server; it is a standalone device requiring no recurring license fees. It also boasts time synchronization with other networked devices. This feature allows a videowall to be constructed and managed without the headaches of trying to synchronize video images.

Hyper Media Director is the software used to create content for the HMP100. It uses a simple user interface to create and manage content on a single device or multiple devices across the network. Spinetix will also be launching a new digital signage product alongside the HMP100 in the near future.

SVSi’s voLANte line distributes high-definition content over Ethernet and fiber networks. It is ideal for digital signage networks with multiple displays because it allows easy distribution through a LAN switch.

VoLANte Conductor management software allows control over multiple content distribution modes that allow live and stored content to be displayed on demand, by scheduled timings, or by emergency interrupt mode.

Tightrope Media Carousel

Tightrope Media Carousel

Tightrope Media’s Carousel digital signage line offers a simple, secure, and economical signage solution for any size project. Tightrope’s content creation is designed to provide quick and intuitive layouts by allowing the user to select from a number of templates. The message is simply inserted into the template and then uploaded to the players. Content can be reorganized at any time by simple drag-and-drop editing. If a preset template does not offer the layout needed, Tightrope can also custom design a template based upon user specifications.

Tightrope’s Carousel line offers hardware solutions that range from the simple Solo 230 and Solo 300R series standalone signage players to networked players such as the Player 230 or Player 300R receiving content from the Carousel Server or taking advantage of the multichannel capabilities of the Carousel Pro Server.

All Carousel hardware and software devices are designed to work together seamlessly. There are no hidden subscription fees, per-seat licenses, or software add-ons. Everything needed to fully integrate a signage solution is included.

The Visix AxisTV digital signage solution is composed of three basic parts: the AxisTV software, a content manger, and media players.

AxisTV software provides a simple-to-use interface. It offers continuously updating previews, clear click-through directions, and a comprehensive help section covering all of the user screens and options. Messaging is created by filling out a simple form. Media files are imported by following instructive prompts, and scheduling is done through a calendar-based layout.

AxisTV content management uses intuitive controls to manage all aspects of content layout: bulletins, backgrounds, audio and video files, and layouts. Even hardware, users, and roles can be managed. The content management is browser-based to allow management from anywhere over the LAN.

AxisTV players are available in form factors to suit any installation, from an extremely small form factor capable of mounting behind a display to a large rackmount unit providing additional functionality.

To complement the AxisTV lineup, MeetingMinders are small touchscreen display panels that show a room’s schedule, allowing a quick visual indicator of the room’s availability. It also allows a walk-up room reservation to be made with just a few touches to the screen. The MeetingMinder panels may also be used to display other content, such as weather feeds.

X20 Media Xpresenter

X20 Media Xpresenter

X2O Media’s Xpresenter 3.0 digital signage solution is the latest generation of the award-winning Xpresenter platform. It is designed to make creating and managing digital signage content extremely easy. Xpresenter offers broadcast-quality video and graphics, PowerPoint-based content and templates, Microsoft Office add-ins, and rule-based playlists for automatic scheduling. Smart content is also featured. Smart content allows screens to automatically adapt to changing data conditions such as the time of day or the weather. This allows content to be directed toward the intended audience while minimizing the time spent on content management.

Xpresenter Xe is a digital signage system designed for those who do not need the full feature sets available in the Xpresenter Enterprise platform. It is still built upon the Xpresenter platform, which means that even though some of the complexity and unnecessary features have been eliminated, the same quality is still inherent. Each Xpresenter Xe is available as a turnkey package, including all necessary player hardware and software.

The X2O Enterprise Communication platform is based upon Microsoft Sharepoint. It allows the same broadcast-quality video, PowerPoint creation tools, and live data feeds as the Xpresenter series, but it also builds upon this functionality and scalability by allowing realtime messages to be sent to any screen by accessing Sharepoint’s role-based permissions.

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