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Digital Signage Technology Showcase

Dec 7, 2010 10:54 AM, By Mike Keadle

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Exhibio offers digital signage solutions for any size implementation. The M-400 multimedia player provides single-zone content display including video, pictures, Flash, HTML feeds, RSS, and database integrated content. It offers both landscape and portrait display modes in resolutions up to 1920x1200. The X-800HD builds upon the M-400’s offerings by adding multizone support and advanced scheduling capabilities.

New to the Exhibio line is the Enterprise series. The Enterprise series is comprised of the Enterprise Server and the ST-100 Smart Terminal. The Enterprise Server allows content creation and management on a broad scale to multiple devices and zones anywhere on the LAN. It allows hundreds of individual displays to be created, or it allows content sharing among multiple displays. Scheduling and deployment is easily managed through a web interface accessible from anywhere on the network.

The ST-100 Smart Terminal receives feeds from the Enterprise Server. Each ST-100 can display any combination of video, pictures, Flash, HTML feeds, RSS feeds, and live TV. Up to 250 ST-100 devices may be managed from a single Enterprise Server.

Extron Electronics offers many hardware accessories that are often used in digital signage installations. The primary offering used in signage applications are the company’s line of analog and digital video and audio extenders. Multiple series are offered to fit different needs. Lineups include the VT Series, TP series, MTP series, and the new Fox and FoxBox series.

Extron’s extender lines are available to support any video format: S-Video, VGA, DVI, and HDMI. Audio transmission is available on select models. The extenders range from single Cat-5/-5e/-6 solutions all the way to fiber extenders. Transmission distances range all the way up to 2 kilometers for the FoxBox lineup, ensuring that no matter what the signal type or distance, there is an Extron extender that will provide the solution needed.

Gefen has developed two new digital signage products: the EXT-DSC Digital Signage Creator and the EXT-HD-DSP HD Digital Signage Player. The EXT-DSC Digital Signage Creator provides an economical method of scheduling, combining, updating, animating, streaming, and displaying various video, audio, graphic, and text content. It offers HDMI output up to 720p resolution and VGA output to 1024x768 resolution. USB for external storage and RS-232 for display control are included standard. At only 2W, its uses much less power than a typical signage PC. All software and licenses are included with no recurring subscriptions.

The EXT-HD-DSP Digital Signage Player provides both portrait and landscape display modes and resolutions of up to 1080p output. A mini stereo audio output is also provided to allow audio routing to an external amplifier if necessary. The player comes with brackets for mounting behind the display or on the wall.

Hall Research DVI and HDMI-over-UTP

Hall Research DVI and HDMI-over-UTP

Hall Research is known for its UTP transmission products. Its current offerings fit into the digital signage realm very well. The line of DVI and HDMI-over-UTP offers solutions for any mounting situation, in-wall, surface-mount, and standalone transmitters and receivers. Models are offered for single- or dual-cable transmission and cover distances up to 200ft. For those situations where VGA is still needed, Hall Research offers VGA-over-UTP extenders with RS-232 for display control. Select models also offer stereo audio transmission and a loop through outputs to allow daisy-chaining of multiple receiver units off of one transmitter. Transmission distances range up to 1000ft., depending upon the model.

Harris offers a full digital signage suite of products. The InfoCaster Suite provides software for all aspects of digital signage implementation. Creator allows creation and editing of content, Manager provides administrative function such as permissions and scheduling for player devices, and Player synchronizes and delivers content from multiple sources to all remote displays. InfoCaster Player devices range from single-channel small form-factor players (the DS500) all the way to multichannel rackmountable systems (the R4100).

All of these products team up to make the InfoCaster line easy to use, reliable, flexible, and scalable. Additional tools offered include the Punctuate software, which allows targeted messaging based upon display location attributes, and InfoCaster Online, which allows remote updates to players on a network through a web interface without any software installation.

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