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Digital Signage Technology Showcase

Dec 7, 2010 10:54 AM, By Mike Keadle

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The iCompel digital signage product from Black Box provides an easy-to-use signage solution from an industry leader capable of supplying everything needed for a successful deployment. iCompel products work right out of the box. All software is installed, and no additional licenses or recurring subscriptions are necessary. The hardware supports most video formats, photos, Flash, HTML, RSS, MPEG, QuickTime, and PowerPoint. The iCompel product is also available with a built-in video capture card for live video display within the signage content.

Setup is easy with iCompel. Simply plug the unit into the network to obtain an IP address, and then access the IP address through a web browser. Content loading is as easy as dragging from your PC or Mac and dropping to the iCompel device’s media folders. Upgrading from a single iCompel unit to a multi-unit deployment is made easy by using one unit as a server to deliver content to all other units. Black Box also offers all necessary video splitters and extenders to allow routing of the signal from the iCompel device to its accompanying display.

BrightSign’s line of digital signage hardware offers a wide range of features and value. All of the signage players are physically compact for ease and flexibility in mounting. They all offer full HD video quality and are all solid-state devices. The players range in features from supporting simple looping playlists to fully interactive and networked solutions.

One benefit of BrightSign solutions is that everything needed for a professional signage implementation is included—the hardware, software, and networking capabilities. The BrightAuthor software is intuitive. It allows displays to be created using familiar file formats (templates are even provided) and either loaded to a standard SD memory card plugged into the controller or sent to the controllers over a LAN. Scheduling, synchronization, and display zones are also easy to manage through the software, and all are included as part of the BrightSign package.

ChyTV offers a full digital signage creation, management, and display solution. It also offers additional features not found on some other signage solutions. ChyTV offers both standard-definition and high-definition players. Each uses ChyTV Author software for simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) content authoring and management. Content may be created in layers including live video, clips, text, and graphics. The display output is also selectable between landscape and portrait modes, allowing even more customization of the content layout.

ChyTV Tools provides the management portal for ChyTV hardware. It allows control of multiple devices over IP or USB and creation of pages using standard applications or through the supplied templates. It also offers seamless integration with other applications through the use of Microsoft’s .NET architecture. Additional features include Elements, an add-in for PowerPoint, and Dynamo, which enables logos and Flipbooks from standard graphic file formats.

ChyAlert integrates a video source along with a locally generated message. It is an ideal solution for public-space television and other implementations where the use of the system for emergency and security alerts may be beneficial. Enseo is a pioneer in the digital signage industry. 2010 marks the company’s 10th anniversary offering signage products. The company continues to expand and improve its offerings each year. The Author software and Cassini players are a prime example of this.

Enseo’s Author digital signage software provides a user-friendly GUI interface for creating digital signage content. It allows windows to be created for both broadcast and IP video. Window video channels may be changed without changing the rest of the content. Themes may also be created and saved. The saved themes may be assigned to a virtual channel, allowing themes to be changed without changing content or video channels. Author software works in conjunction with the Cassini Digital Signage Player and the Cassini Streaming Media Player.

Cassini players are available in three models with either hard-disk drives or solid-state drives. Built-in RF tuners decode ATSC, NTSC, and QAM signals. RS-232 display control is also built-in. An RS-232-to-IR adapter is available for displays without RS-232 control.

Cassini Streaming Media Players offer IP streaming of all standard- and high-definition video formats. They offer the same channel and theme capabilities through Author software as the Cassini Digital Signage Player.

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