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Case Study: Wayfinding in Action

Dec 16, 2010 12:22 PM

The Fredericton Convention Center

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Interactive wayfinder maps

FCC’s interactive wayfinder maps feature start and end points and animated directional arrows that indicate the desired path. To ensure that the most current meeting location information is presented, Xpresenter was integrated with FCC’s event management system.

Bringing it All Together

PSAV served as project manager for the digital signage installation, developed the master signage plan, determined size and placement of every sign, and managed all screen installations at the FCC. PSAV, an X2O Media partner, delivered a solution based on the Xpresenter platform specifically geared to the hospitality industry; X2O’s Xpresenter is a complete suite of applications designed to streamline the process of creating and managing digital signage content while delivering broadcast-quality graphics and videos.

A key feature for the FCC was the interactive wayfinding maps with start and end points and animated directional arrows that indicate the path. To ensure that current meeting location information is presented to attendees and that expired events are automatically taken off the screens, Xpresenter enables each display to integrate with and access data directly from the FCC’s event management system.

Likewise, integration of live data feeds such as weather conditions, news, and flight arrival/departure data allows screens to be updated automatically with content relevant to the visitor. Without the need for FCC staff to manage scheduling and perform data entry for event details, meeting room updates, and other announcements, or to update dynamic content, the digital signage system improves the accuracy of information, frees up staff time for other tasks, improves overall operations, and lowers FCC’s administrative costs.

X2O Media also provided all creative design and graphics creation, enabling the FCC to offer fresh, branded messaging, as well as ad-based content, with a natural flow from page to page. X2O’s Creative Services team built professional templates and transitions specifically for the FCC, which drive the look and feel on all signs.

A unique aspect in the design and programming of the FCC’s digital signage system was a Fredericton ordinance that requires all public signage to be in French and English. With X2O’s smart template approach to content, the same templates are used for interactive pages shown either in French or in English, and programming provided by X2O enables immediate translation of text and format for everything from weather conditions to event names and text tickers. This powerful capability greatly simplifies the time and cost required to create a fully bilingual solution.


The screens were configured for the FCC in June 2010 and are currently being installed in the facility. The convention center will officially open in January, and there will be a soft launch this month.

“When designing the FCC, our goal was to create a space where the technology was thought out very well and incorporates the same, if not better, advanced technologies you would find in convention centers for larger cities,” says Mike Richard, vice president of operations for e-Novations ComNet, a municipal corporation owned by the city of Fredericton that oversees the city’s many digital signage networks. “We want FCC visitors to be able to go to any other convention center in the world and say, ‘Hey, they have that in Fredericton.’”

Richard says that the results at FCC, in terms of quality, ease of use, and time and money savings has convinced them to undertake a process to change Fredericton’s other digital signage networks to run on the Xpresenter platform as well.

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