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Tightrope Media Systems Delivers support for Evans’ EMS

Jan 26, 2006 8:00 AM

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Tightrope Media System's latest version of Event Display System is a plug-in for its Carousel digital signage system, featuring a customizable screen layout.

Tightrope Media Systems is announcing the latest version of Event Display System (EDS), a plug-in to its Carousel digital signage system. EDS tightly integrates with Dean Evan & Associates’ popular EMS event management platform to display conference and meeting room schedules.

Carousel is an enterprise display system that companies and institutions use to communicate with people in their buildings. With the EDS plug-in, Carousel displays events scheduled using Evans’ event management database. The two systems, working together, provide an organization’s staff with a seamless workflow.

“When a staff member updates the EMS system, Carousel automatically follows without further intervention,” says Andrew Starks, co-founder of Tightrope Media Systems. “For example, if an event is cancelled, Carousel will automatically pick that up and show the event as cancelled on the display.”

According to Starks, the new plug-in is the result of a seven-year history with the EMS software. “I remember in 1999 when we made the very first plug-in to our digital signage system for a university in California. We custom designed the system to automatically update itself, which is something that they weren’t aware was possible.” This new version marks the fourth revision of the plug-in and builds on the seamless and intelligent nature of the system’s original design.

“We’re pleased to see this new release from Tightrope Media Systems, a company whose experience with our products goes way back,” says Kevin Raasch, executive vice president of Dean Evans & Associates. “Their continued dedication to enhancing the EDS plug-in ensures that our customers will have a wide variety of quality products to consider when integrating EMS with a digital signage system.”

The EDS plug-in for Carousel supports:

  • Multiple schedules on any combination of channels
  • A completely customizable screen layout to provide for a unique look
  • 4x3, 16x9, and 9x16 (portrait) support
  • Support for sounds
  • Complete control over filtering event types, event categories, and rooms
  • The ability to limit the number of displayed events by hours, days, or number of screens
  • The display of cancelled events in a customizable format, so that viewers know that the event was scheduled but will no longer take place.

For more information about Tightrope Media Systems, call (866) 866-4118 or visit

Dean Evans & Associates online demonstrations, screen shots, and detailed product information are available at

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