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Installation Viewpoint:
Retail Signage Primer
By Ronald I. Gross
Digital signage networks in-store flatscreen displays have arrived. A new advertising medium is born. What does this mean to you if you are an installer or an integrator, or if you're looking for someone to handle the installation and management of one of these systems?...

International Business Systems Expands Digital Signage at Las Vegas World Market 

Digital signage provider International Business Systems has installed a large-scale 3M Digital Signage network in the Las Vegas World Market’s new 16-story furniture mart using Magenta Research MultiView technology ...

Picture This:
Season of Colors
By Jeff Sauer
I'm sure most of you remember learning about colors around kindergarten time, and how red, blue, and yellow can be mixed to make all other colors. It's...

Signage Guru Bill Gerba Sees Growing Reliance on Fiber 

Digital signage and interactive kiosk expert William Gerba, CEO of Wirespring Technologies and widely read industry blogger at the Dynamic Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosks Journal...

Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University Gets Digital Signage 

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) became one of the first educational institutions in Singapore to deploy its very own inhouse network channel to serve as a dynamic visual communication platform for internal publicity and announcements within the campus. ...

The Buzz: Contractor’s Web Watch  

Stampede's three sales regions (United States, Canada, and Latin America) come together under one online address at its new website,...

RSS Offers AV Pros an Easy Way to Keep Up 
By John McKeon
It’s almost like having a press pass for all the year’s major trade shows and getting exhibitor news releases as soon as they’re issued....

Picture This:
Flashy Digital Signage
By Jeff Sauer
In the June issue of Sound & Video Contractor, I offered an overview of digital video file and compression formats...

Installation Profile:
Engaging Education
By Dan Daley
You think it's easy keeping a room full of toddlers and grade-schoolers entertained in a museum for 20 consecutive minutes, while managing to actually...

The Buzz: Industry News  

The PHX AP Acquisitions investment group and Phoenix Gold Vice President Tom O'Mara have purchased...

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