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Business School Trading Rooms Mirror Wall Street AV 
By Linda Seid Frembes
In the higher-education market, business school trading rooms offer the experience of a real-world financial services setting in a learning environment. ...

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Via Christi Health System, Wichita, Kan. 
By Jessaca Gutierrez
The Via Christi Health System in Wichita, Kan., employs more than 5,000 people in more than 80 campuses throughout the city. Communicating with all those...

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: General Mitchell Airport, Milwaukee  
By Trevor Boyer
Last June, General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee replaced almost all of the 45 plasma screens that displayed its flight information with LCD screens....

Installation Profile: Civic Display  
By Jay Ankeney
THERE'S A NEW attraction in downtown Louisville, Ky., that serves as a colorful, one-stop promotion for virtually all of Kentucky's tourist destinations...

Digital Signage Roundtable 
By Dan Daley
Like cell phones, digital signage has taken a routine concept that's been around for ages and essentially put it on steroids. But digital signage is more...

Still More Signs 
By Michael Goldman
Welcome to Sound & Video Contractor's digital signage extravaganza. As we hit the InfoComm trail, we thought it made sense to comprehensively examine...

Picture This: Gas Station TV  
By Jeff Sauer
Airport and sports arena installations may be the poster children for digital signage, but they don't really represent the future of the burgeoning industry...

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Vurv Technology, Jacksonville, Fla.. 
By Bennett Liles
Vurv Technology's new world headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla., was the crowning touch on a complete company makeover...

Wegener Announces $3.2 Million Order from Satellite Store Link for Digital Signage Project 

Satellite Store Link has chosen Wegener, a leading provider of equipment for television, audio and data distribution networks worldwide, to launch networked digital signage in Mexico...

Signage Boom Creating Openings for Fiber-Savvy Integrators? 
By John McKeon
Digital signage, one of the hottest and most potentially profitable segments of the professional AV market, could well turn out to rely more than most other applications on well-designed fiber-optic networks...

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