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The Long Tail: The Growing Market for Basic Digital Signage  
By John W. DeWitt
Even as sophisticated, large-scale digital-signage networks proliferate, there is enormous growth opportunity in the underserved market for basic “digital poster” signage solutions, according to Eric Kanagy, CEO of Goshen, Ind.-based RedPost...

How to Implement Digital Signage as Strategic Media  
By John W. DeWitt
Today’s digital signage technology enables more contextually driven, interactive content powered by advanced, realtime integration with business systems. However, harnessing sophisticated capabilities demands that retailers and their technology partners go beyond limited, tactical use of “in-store TV,” according to Jeff Collard, president of signage software company Omnivex...

Air Canada Signage Network Keeps Employees Up to Date 
By John W. DeWitt
Ubiquitous digital signage at major airports informs and entertains the traveling public—but what about airline employees? The world’s 14th-largest commercial airline answers this question with Air Canada News (ACN), a broadcast-quality, bilingual digital-signage network that the airline recently piloted (no pun intended) in its Montréal In-Flight Service Crew Support Centre and In-Flight Service Training Centre...

Expo Showcases Larger, More Mature Digital Signage Industry 
By John DeWitt
If tradeshow attendance provides an accurate measure of industry health, the Feb. 27-28 Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas bodes well for continued growth and maturity in digital out-of-home media....

Technology Showcase: Fiber Routers and Matrix Switchers  
Bennett Liles
During the past few decades, as audio and video signals have been routed and switched in crossbar frames and matrix units, the capabilities of these components...

Simplifying Local Content Control: ‘Now, Context Is King’ 
By John W. DeWitt
For years, “Content is king!” has been the mantra for the emerging digital signage industry. Once retailers and other users worked through the technical hurdles of deploying their signage network, they inevitably discover that maintaining a steady stream of fresh, relevant content is their biggest ongoing challenge...

Audio Podcast: The Best Digital Signage Deployment Options 

What can we expect for the future of digital signage and the role it will play in corporation communications? What are the best deployment methods in a long string of options? Listen to this interview with Rise Vision Senior Vice President Ryan Cahoy to find out....

Tough Times at Retail? A Good Time for Digital Signage 
By John W. DeWitt
Digital Signage Update talks to Ken Goldberg of Real Digital Media about how retailers deploying digital signage can find an upside in an economic downturn...

From the Briefing Room: 10 Questions That Digital Signage Integrators Should Ask Their Prospective Customers 

Companies considering deploying digital signage often have a list of questions they plan to ask prospective vendors. But what questions should a vendor ask of its prospective customers? ...

Focus on Hospitality: Technology Updates Help Guests Stay Connected  
By Jack Kontney
The modern hospitality industry is in a constant state of flux, trying to balance the need for return on investment against rising pressure to provide...

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