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The Onsite Programmer 
By Patrick Barron
The role of the programmer onsite at a audiovisual installation has become more prominent and important than ever before. ...

Green AV Classes at InfoComm 2011 

InfoComm 2011 hosts tons of classes, and here are some that deal specifically with Green AV....

The Loop is History 
Vern Freedlander Vice President, Production X2O Media
In many digital signage applications, content has traditionally been organized into a loop....

NEC video wall gives The Fabulous Palm Spring Follies a little extra kick 

Opened in 1936 for the world premiere of the motion picture Camille, the Plaza Theatre was an integral part of the action in Palm Springs. ...

Beyond Traditional Advertising 
by Vern Freedlander, Vice President, Production, X2O Media
Ads produced specifically for digital signage offer some leading-edge characteristics that can outperform broadcast....

Content Licensing: Keep it Legit! 
Vern Freedlander, Vice President, Production, X2O Media
There is a common belief that any data feed found on the Internet can also be used freely in a digital signage application. This is often not the case....

Livestrong Sporting Park: Wired for Action in Kansas City 
by Dan Daley
They started out as the Kansas City Wiz and became the KC Wizards. But as of this, the Major League Soccer team’s 16th season, the newly rebranded Sporting Kansas City will have a new stadium to call its own....

The AV/IT Blitz 
by Dan Daley
The St. Louis Rams are at the leading edge of IT technology, with a new training facility and office complex that’s taking the ongoing convergence of IT and AV even further....

Reinventing Integration: DSE 2011 
by Cynthia Wisehart
The most interesting thing to me about Digital Signage Expo last month was the extraordinary way veteran manufacturers reached for reinvention....

Selling Digital Signage 
by Andrew Starks
Digital signage is an increasingly popular method for getting crucial information to the public. Every client has a use for a digital signage system, but it’s up to you to make sure your team is ready to sell it....

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