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On the Circuit

Nov 15, 2012 3:15 PM, By Cynthia Wisehart

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As we were going to press, Hurricane Sandy hit our Lower Manhattan offices, taking out our power, phones, and email for one week, and affecting some of our colleagues in their homes and neighborhoods. So the idea of emergency preparedness was very real to us. In this month’s issue we look at some new tools and tactics in systems integration for emergency operations centers (EOCs).

EOCs are challenging to design because they benefit from the best communication and collaboration technologies—and the bring-your-own-device paradigm—but they must be fail-safe. Cutting-edge and mission-critical must be balanced.

We looked at centers in central and southern California and in Minnesota with a focus on some of the newer technologies including the use of iPads in combination with a commercial Crestron system. We also look at a new touch table integration and a new product from Jupiter Systems that offers a way for field personnel to collaborate with colleagues in the operation center. This system allows them to collaborate and annotate on live video over any device.

In this issue we also celebrate our 30th year of publication with a look back over the history of AV companies. Most of the companies that shaped our industry have been contributing product and innovation for decades—some for as many as 100 years. During that time the technology that influences our industry—in imaging, sound, data, and networking—has undergone dramatic changes. Many of these changes have defined everyday life and culture. For us, they have been the foundation for remarkable, fast-paced and difficult product innovation. As I compiled this list I was truly struck by the magnitude of what has been made and solved by our relatively small industry.

My own experience in the industry now dates back 25 years to my first job as a theme park show designer. I’ve attended industry tradeshows for nearly that long and can remember when companies and products debuted. It’s been a rewarding experience to work with so many of you and to watch the results of your imagination and hard work.

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