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Technology Showcase: Video Over IP

Nov 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Jay Ankeney

The latest hardware-based technology simplifies video distribution.

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VBrick also offers its EtherneTV Portal Server, an in-house web-based portal for accessing live streams and on-demand AV assets. The user interface of VBrick's EtherneTV Portal Server provides the ability to locate available media assets from Windows PCs, Macs, Linux PCs, and IP receivers. It can generate automated live channel guides and navigation to video-on-demand assets. It supports Windows Media; MPEG-1, -2, and -4 compression; 4X3 and 16X9 aspect ratios; PAL and NTSC formats; and full-screen video up to DVD quality.

ViewCast's product family is designed to meet the requirements of delivering live 24/7 streaming video, as well as on-demand video over IP and mobile networks. The company's lineup includes Niagara streaming encoders, Osprey video capture cards, and ViewCast software. The Niagara family of streaming media encoders have been optimized to be reliable, pre-configured, plug-and-play encoders that enable you to quickly encode and stream premium-quality audio and video over corporate or mobile networks as well as the public Internet. Osprey video cards capture, digitize, compress, decompress, and display full-motion video in realtime. ViewCast software includes Niagara SCX control and management software and Niagara SCX SDK development software, as well as Osprey SimulStream. The Niagara SCX SDK (Software Developers Kit) allows you to integrate the SCX software into your own applications and services.



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