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Technology Showcase: Fiber-optic Video Extenders

Mar 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Bennett Liles

Video signals ride the light to far-off places.

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RapcoHorizon HDMI-X-Kit

RapcoHorizon HDMI-X-Kit

For long-distance transmission of DVI signals up to 2300ft. from the source, RTcom USA has introduced the OLC-FX consisting of one transmitter and one receiver unit. The system is HDCP-compliant and includes DDC2b support through a Cat-5 line at a maximum distance of 656ft. The transmission is made over four strands of LC-terminated fiber that are all integrated into a PVC-jacketed cable. Supported resolutions include SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, and WUXGA. EDID support is factory programmed. A 5VDC power adapter is included.

Telecast Fiber Systems Python II series

Telecast Fiber Systems Python II series

StarTech's DVIEXTFIBLC provides Cat-5 unshielded twisted-pair and fiber extension of DVI video for distances up to 330ft. The unit supports a maximum video resolution of 1600×1200 pixels at a DVI bandwidth of 1.65Gbps per channel and uses either 62.5/125µm or 50/125µm multimode fiber. The front panel includes a red power LED, a green status LED, two duplex LC optical-link ports, and an RJ-45 DDC port. The rear panel has a DVI video connector and a power terminal. The total shipping weight of the unit is 4.18lbs.

Thinklogical VIS-33 Triple Link Extender

Thinklogical VIS-33 Triple Link Extender

For more complex setups where a number of HD video signals have to be transmitted on fiber links, Telecast Fiber Systems offers the Python II series with a capacity of up to 16 SDI signals including 19.4Mbps ATSC, 143Mbps NTSC composite, 177Mbps PAL composite, 270Mbps serial component, DVB-ASI, 360Mbps serial component and compressed HDTV, 540Mbps proprietary, and 1.5Gbps uncompressed HD-SDI including SMPTE 292M and 259M all in a 1RU frame. The units are available in channel counts of eight or 16 one-way or as bidirectional transceivers carrying eight video channels in each direction. With its CWDM multiplexing options, the Python II can carry 16 HD signals over one optical fiber. Operating either in the 1310nm or 1550nm wavelength windows, the unit exhibits a link margin of up to 22dB and offers output power options of -7dBm or 0dBm with a receiver sensitivity of -22dBm. The transmission circuits use a laser diode for either single-mode or multimode fiber. Electrical video connections are BNC, and the optical terminals are ST. The weight of the rack unit is 5lbs.

The VIS-33 triple-link extender system from Thinklogical is marketed for high-resolution video extension on fiber for applications such as remote projection centers, theaters, assembly halls, and secure computer centers. The unit supports three single-link DVI video signals with a maximum resolution of 1920×1200 for distances up to 3280ft. on standard multimode fiber. The transmitter is compatible with all Thinklogical DVI extender receivers (except dual-link DVI), which allows three video sources to be displayed up to 3280ft. from each other. The video connections are DVI-D, and the units are available with fiber connections in SC, ST, or LC. The unit consumes less than 15W, and the transmitter and receiver weigh 5lbs. each.

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