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SoundTube Entertainment Sound-Tube LA-880i

Mar 29, 2013 2:49 PM

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Sound-Tube LA-880i

Sound-Tube LA-880i

SoundTube Entertainment has released the Sound- Tube LA-880i, a three-way line array with a short nearfield extent and robust far-field performance. Using an advanced LAPS (Line Array – Point Source) design, the LA-880i achieves a near-field to far-field transition at only 10ft. from the speaker. Beyond this distance, the speaker’s directivity is a constant 40x120 degrees and the frequency response remains consistent. The LA-880i features eight 4in. woofers, eight 2in. midrange drivers, and one 2.5in. planar magnetics (ribbon) high-frequency driver. Numerous mounting options allow the use of the LA-880i on walls, near ceilings, on poles, or suspended via cables (flown). Additional low-frequency directivity can be achieved with the LA- 808i LFDE (low frequency directivity element). This unit is installed either above or below the LA-880i to enhance the directivity of low frequencies by up to an octave lower than with the LA-880i alone. Availability: Now

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