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Projection Screens Technology Showcase

Aug 4, 2011 11:04 AM, by Mike Keadle

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Stewart Filmscreens Silver 5D

Stewart Filmscreens Silver 5D

Elite’s new Powermax series is the company’s latest electric screen offering. It employs a very sleek new case design, RF and IR remote control, and Ethernet control. Installation is made simple by sliding brackets, allowing positioning at stud or backing locations. The Powermax series comes in Maxwhite FG fiberglass-backed non-tensioned, or Cinewhite tensioned matte white material.

The WhiteBoardScreen Universal combines a traditional whiteboard and a projection screen. The VersaWhite finish provides a projection surface free from the glare and hot-spotting typically associated with projecting onto whiteboards. It is finished with a transparent layer of dry erase compatible material. The Elite WhiteBoardScreen Universal series is available in 4:3 format in a 58in. and 77in. diagonal, and in a 16:9 format in 87in. and 94in. diagonal. They include dry erase markers and erasers, and wall-mount brackets, which allow the screen to slide horizontally for positioning.

Elite’s PicoScreen V Series is designed for portable tabletop presentations using the latest Pico projectors. The PicoScreen is extremely light and compact, and is free-standing for easy setup.

Epson’s Duet Ultra-Portable screen offers quick and easy setup in both 4:3 and 16:9 formats. It is easily adjusted between a 65in. wide 4:3 format and an 80in. wide 16:9 format by simply adjusting how far apart the case is spread. Once adjusted, the screen may be mounted on the included floor stand, or mounted to a wall using the supplied wall bracket. When closed, the screen forms its own compact case measuring in at just 43in. long.

The ES1000 Tabletop screen follows the same design principle as the Duet—it adjusts by simply sliding the case sides apart to the desired format, 4:3 or 16:9. It accommodates up to a 50in. diagonal image, so it is perfectly sized for most tabletop presentations.

Pro Display’s Sunscreen material offers up a new and unique rear projection film. It is designed to use an offset projection angle and has a special optical filter to deflect external light. This combination provides a cost-effective screen solution capable of viewing in direct sunlight. Standard sizes range from 30in. to 74in. diagonal. Custom sizes are available.

The company’s new Switchable Smart Glass screens provide a never-before-seen combination of a clear glass projection surface and a frosted high-definition projection screen. The special glass uses an electrical transformer to apply power to the glass upon activation of the on/off switch. When power is applied, the clear glass (transparent) switches to a frosted (translucent) state, allowing for projection onto the surface. Standard sizes are available from 50in. to 200in. diagonal. Custom sizes are also available.

The new Silver 5D screen from Stewart Filmscreen provides excellent performance in both passive polarized 3D applications and in traditional 2D applications. The Silver 5D material provides exceptional performance in ratio of extinction. This provides stereoscopic images that are truly ghost free. Silver 5D is available in front projection for both fixed-frame and electric roll down screens. It is also available with Microperf for environments which require speakers to be placed behind the screen surface.

Similar to the Silver 5D in projection qualities, Stewart’s Traverse 5D material again offers excellent passive polarized 3D and standard 2D images. Traverse 5D is a neutral gray tinted rear-projection fabric. It is available on fixed frame, electric roll down, or is available to be laminated onto acrylic or glass surfaces for a custom screen design.

Stewart’s new Reflection Active 170 3D material excels in providing uniformity of the image while compensating for lost light from filters and active glasses with a higher gain. Reflection Active 170 3D is available in fixed frame, electric roll down, and glass or acrylic laminated applications.

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