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Technology Showcase: LCD Lobby Displays

Dec 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Jay Ankeney

From kiosks to videowalls, the selection of hospitality flatscreens is growing.

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Founded in 1982 as a custom touchscreen manufacturer, CyberTouch offers more than 300 standard touchscreens and open-frame, wall-mount, panel-mount, and desktop touchscreen LCD monitors. The OrionAV line from CyberTouch is a series of touchscreen LCD monitors that enable operation and control of any computer application with a simple touch. Resistive technology allows activation with a touch of a finger, gloved hand, or stylus. The touch surface is protected by a chemical- and abrasion-resistant polycarbonate overlay. Offered in 16:9 widescreen and standard 4:3 formats, OrionAV ranges from 15in. to 46in. diagonal. The displays are VESA-compatible and may be mounted on a wall or placed on a table, shelf, or stand. Optional loudspeakers are available. CyberTouch's OrionAV can also come with either a Mac mini or mini PC attached.

The FlexScan T1502 and T1501 15in. touchscreen monitors from Eizo Nanao Technologies are equipped with an analog-resistive touchpanel that offers a fast touch response, long touch life, and low energy consumption for intimate and economy-minded lobby displays. The T1502 offers its touch interface through a USB port connection, while the T1501 offers its touch interface through an RS-232C serial port. The touchpanel is built right into the monitor and uses analog-resistive technology for fast touch response and a minimum of 10 million touches during its lifetime. Finger, glove, and touch-pen input are accepted, making these monitors ideal for a variety of lobby environments. The analog-capacitive panel on Eizo's 17in. FlexScan L560T-C is compatible with Windows 2000 and XP operating systems. It also provides fast touch response and an extremely long touch life, boasting a minimum of 225 million touches. At startup or upon wakeup, an Eizo-patented drift-correction function quickly stabilizes the brightness level, while a sensor measures the backlight brightness and compensates for brightness fluctuations caused by the ambient temperature and the passage of time.

The D400ML (40in.) and D460ML (46in.) displays from Hyundai IT are designed to support videowall configurations in lobbies and entry areas such as subway platforms or airport gateways, thanks to their ultra-narrow bezels. For 24/7 operation, the innovative built-in fan and heat-control system in Hyundai's D400ML and D460ML displays eliminates the overheating that can lead to image corruption. If a single-screen display is preferred, Hyundai recommends its 46in. D460S/D460SL as a cost-effective way to deliver targeted messages to guests. Each can offer touchscreen capabilities and deliver clear, brighter image content in a portrait or landscape setting. All of these Hyundai panels are RoHS-compliant and boast low power consumption (less than 1W in power-saving mode) that will conserve energy.

The most eye-catching new digital-signage concept from LG Electronics is the prototype LG Triple View 47in. LCD panel. When customers walk past it, depending on their viewing angle, they view three different images or advertisements through a parallax barrier. The monitor is fully HD-capable with a 1080×1920 (in portrait orientation) display resolution. In addition, LG's new True3D monitor, the M4210D-B21, treats customers to an interactive, auto-stereoscopic 3D viewing experience without special glasses by using stereopsis to provide an engaging alternative to traditional digital signage. The 3D monitor has interactive elements and a compact 42in. screen with full-HD 1920×1080 display resolution. Another new approach to lobby displays is LG's new 29in. and 38in. stretch screens, M3800 S-BN and M2900 S-BN, which offer the latest in slim-display technology. Built for space-conscious retailers, the M3800 and M2900 are roughly half the height of a traditional HD display. These monitors allow for a variety of installation options and are designed for end-cap placement and narrow or hard-to-fit installations. Finally, LG has new LCD touchscreen models, the 32in. M3201T-BA and the 42in. M4212T-BA, to engage lobby guests' tactile senses. These touchscreens use dispersive-touch technology in a 3MDST overlay.

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