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JBL Professional Introduces Control 200 Series

May 2, 2007 12:00 PM

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JBL Professional recently introduced the Control 200 Series medium-format in-ceiling loudspeakers, featuring advanced 6.5in. coaxial drivers. Designed for applications where superior musical impact, voice clarity, and high sound levels are required, the Control 200 Series’ wide coverage reduces overall system cost without sacrificing sound quality by enabling fewer speakers to cover a large area while its best-in-class pattern control ensures that everyone within the listening area hears the same high-quality mix of sound.

Superior sound is enhanced by Kevlar-reinforced woofer cones for extended low-end response, while JBL's titanium-diaphragm compression drivers reproduce high frequencies with clarity and impact. High-slope asymmetrical crossovers provide an extremely smooth, natural sound character for music along with exceptional clarity for voice. For 70V/100V applications, low-saturation transformers provide the sound quality of a low-impedance system in distributed applications.

The JBL Control 200 Series consists of three models: the 227C, 227CT, and 226C/T. The 227C features a low-impedance 6.5in. coax speaker on a baffle for use with a separate backcan, designed for installations calling for a pre-installed backcans. It features a power capacity of 150W and a wide frequency range of 43Hz to 19kHz. The 227CT adds a low-saturation 60W multi-tap transformer for use on distributed speaker lines.

The 226C/T is an all-in-one loudspeaker system with an integral backcan, designed for quick “blind-mount” installations. Additionally, the Control 226C/T is designed with the flexibility to be used in either low-impedance or 70V/100V distributed systems.

All three models feature an extremely wide—and well controlled—coverage of 120 degrees conical. For easy installation, the Control 200 Series loudspeakers wire easily and quickly with clip-in connections that can be prewired. Premium accessories for the 227C and 227CT include a thick-metal backcan with internal MDF reinforcement for better bass response and contemporary grilles that fit into any décor. A strong tile bridge for installing into suspended ceilings reduces rattling artifacts.

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