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Clockaudio Retracta and Litetouch Microphones

Jul 7, 2009 2:19 PM

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Clockaudio Litetouch

Clockaudio Litetouch

Clockaudio presents the Retracta series of now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t retractable mics and the new touch-sensitive Litetouch device, which enables users to see the status of on-table microphones at a glance—red for on, green for off, or whatever combination the integrator chooses. Comprising a dual-color Halo ring and switch combination that can be used with all Clockaudio through-table products, the Litetouch allows users to easily identify the status of microphones, as well as mute the units for privacy. With no moving parts, the switch is touch-sensitive, so there are no clicking noises when switching from one status to another. Also being unveiled is the Retracta series of microphones, Clockaudio’s peerless boundary-layer mics that can now be pressed down into the boardroom table when they are not in use, leaving a virtually flush-fit low profile. A built-in mechanism allows the user to make the microphone disappear without having to physically remove it from the table.

Read more about this product at The Briefing Room

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