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Cables and Connectors

Dec 10, 2012 4:13 PM, By Mark Johnson

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And speaking of Neutrik, the connector manufacturer features no less than 14 different series of XLR cable mount connectors including the XX Series, the crystalCON series made with Swarovski crystals, and the convertCON, the world’s first three-pole unisex XLR cable connector. Neutrik also manufactures the etherCON conector for Cat-5 and Cat-6 cables as well as premade Cat-6 patch cables in lengths ranging from one to 30 meters.

Pro Co Sound’s Lifelines cables are comprised of a 24AWG quad cable with braided shield and oversized Kevlar core jacket for added strength and to prevent stretching. The cables feature Neutrik XLR connectors and are available in nine different sizes ranging from 3ft. to 100ft.

RapcoHorizon M1

RapcoHorizon M1

M1 microphone cable from RapcoHorizon features two 24-gauge bare copper center conductors and a 95-percent coverage serve shield. The outer jacket is a matte PVC compound and is available in a range of standard and neon colors, including black, blue, green, purple, red, and white. Connector brand options include: RapcoHorizon, Amphenol, Neutrik, or Switchcraft. Standard lengths are: 1ft., 2ft., 3ft., 6ft., 10ft., 15ft., 20ft., 25ft., 30ft., 50 ft., 75 ft., and 100 ft.. Custom lengths are available upon request.

SnapAV Binary Cat-5e and -6 cables

SnapAV Binary Cat-5e and -6 cables

SnapAV Binary Cat-5e and -6 cables come in bulk (1,000ft. lengths) and a variety of colors. Both are available in CMP (plenum) and CMG (general use) rated versions. Also available are Cat-5e premade patch cables in .3-, 1-, 2-, and 4-meter lengths and orange, gray, yellow, and blue colors.

Switchcraft features five different series of XLR cable-mount connectors, including the original A series and AAA series, which features a two-piece design with integral strain relief. The pin insert is preloaded into the front shell. A flat area on the handle is designed to accommodate custom labeling options. The R series connectors are right angle versions of the AAA connector and the T series connectors are versions of the A connectors with a two-position slide switch.

West Penn Wire provides Cat-6 and 6A bulk cables, connectors, and assemblies. Cat-6 UTP comprise 23 AWG solid conductors with versions rated for riser, plenum outdoor, and indoor/outdoor applications. Cat-6 assemblies come in 3ft., 7ft., 10ft., 15ft., 20ft., and 25ft.

Whirlwind MK series

Whirlwind MK series

The MK series cables from Whirlwind are flexible and resistant to handling microphonics. Constructed of Accusonic+2 cable, the MK series are fitted with the company’s XLR connectors and feature finely stranded center conductors and braided shield for noise rejection. Stock lengths are: 3ft., 6ft., 10ft., 15ft., 20ft., 25ft., 30ft., 50ft., and 100ft. Custom lengths are available on a special order basis. The XLR connectors are also available with custom laser logo engraving on the barrel, numbered sets, and color-coded strain reliefs. Also available is the ENC1 heavy-duty Cat-5e cable that features Kellems strain relief and a metal W1-style connector shell with a dust cap.

Wireworks TacCat multi-channel assemblies feature four individual Cat-5e cables jacketed in a single outer jacket. The individual Cat-5e cables are color-coded and each of the Cat-5e cables is terminated with etherCON connectors or standard RJ-45s. Wireworks BG Unisex XLR Cords feature Wireworks MusiLUX microphone cable or AES/EBU digital cable with Neutrik’s convertCON three pin XLR connector. BG Unisex XLR Cords are available with convertCON on both ends or with a convertCON on one and a standard male XLR, female XLR or TRS plug on the other.

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