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Technology Showcase: Power Conditioners

Oct 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Bennett Liles

The wide spectrum of devices goes beyond controlling voltage fluctuations and removing noise.

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For use with microprocessor-based electronic equipment, the small, low-amperage 50002 series of line conditioners from Interact Power offer protection from common-mode voltage and provide a range of output connectors to suit many specific needs. The units include surge diverters and power-line filters to eliminate noise, spikes, and transients that can wreck sensitive digital equipment and data storage units. The 50002 units are numbered according to the specific output connectors they hold, but all models are intended for sensitive instrumentation devices, desktop PCs, LANs, communication systems, and telephone equipment drawing 1 amp or less. All units are equipped with 5-15 NEMA outlets in various combinations.

The Home Theater Reference HTPS 7000 MKII power source from Monster Cable Products is designed to deliver smooth, noise-free AC power from a 15-amp source and provide up to 1800W with a total energy dissipation of 7200 joules. The unit provides 12 rear outlets, which are divided into specialty power features that include video-equipment filters, digital-equipment filters, high-current audio filters, and analog audio filters. Included is a remote AC and DC input for powering the unit up or down from associated gear. There are front-panel menu controls to program specific features, filter fuses, and a 15-amp circuit breaker. Also available is coax surge protection for TV cable and satellite equipment and telephone-line surge protection.

Panamax M5400-PM

Panamax M5400-PM

In addition to offering Level 4+ power cleaning and Linear Filtration Technology (LiFT) for the best possible sound and image quality from home-theater components, the M5400-PM power-management system from Panamax also features voltage regulation that regulates the output voltage for banks 1 through 4 to 120V ±5V. The M5400-PM also features five isolated outlet banks and offers sequential startup/shutdown, which prevents internally generated voltage transients that occur when home-theater components are powered on or off at the same time. A 12V trigger input allows source equipment to activate or deactivate the M5400-PM's switched outlets. For the protection and longevity of home-theater components, the M5400-PM features Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM), a patent-pending technology that monitors the incoming power. A USB charger, gaming convenience outlet, and gaming LAN port on the front allow portable devices to be conveniently connected to and disconnected from the unit.

The Power Plant Premier from PS Audio regenerates AC power to provide up to 1500W of clean sine-wave AC with 10 outlets, five isolated zones called IsoZones, an integrated power sequencer, THD analyzer (one of very few with this feature), voltage meter, MultiWave, CleanWave, and a remote control. MultiWave extends the charging time of the AC sine-wave peak so that attached power supplies have less ripple. CleanWave varies the frequency and amplitude of the sine wave in small, bubble-like responses to clean or degauss attached equipment. The remote control can be used to vary the display brightness, select between THD or voltage display, choose MultiWave or sine wave, and to activate the CleanWave function. The IsoZones are differential fed by common-mode nanocrystalline filters, which effectively isolate any noise-producing equipment from the rest of the gear.

The RGPC 1200 Custom Parallel power delivery model from Richard Gray's Power Company provides up to 20 amps of current to attached devices through 12 commercial-grade Hubbell outlets. The European export model has eight Vimar Euro Schukos outlets and a detachable 12 AWG input power cord. The unit is rackmountable with detachable rack ears. It contains two 6000W chokes, dual-stage AC surge suppression, and noise removal with no current limiting. The front panel sports a backlit RGPG logo switchable between blue, orange, and off. Current draw at idle is less than 5W, and protection is available through a 20-amp fast blow-replace fuse.

Rotel RLC-1080

Rotel RLC-1080

Designed to protect home-theater components and provide smooth AC, the Rotel RLC-1080 power conditioner also provides pure AC battery-backup power in the event of a blackout. Voltage regulation is incorporated along with surge protection, and this feature extends to coax, Ethernet, and telephone lines. Isolated noise-filter banks keep individual components electrically separate and prevent one noisy component from contaminating others. The unit is rackmountable, and it includes a DC trigger to use for activation through other equipment. Sequenced power up/down is programmable in steps with delays from 0 seconds to 10 seconds. The RLC-1080 is rated for up to 900W continuous power, and it comes with a variety of connection cables.

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