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Technology Showcase: Large HD Projectors

May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Jay Ankeney

New technologies expand market.

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The PLV-HD100 from Sanyo is a true HD 16:9 mulitmedia projector outputting 5500 ANSI lumens from four 250W UHP lamps with an efficient lamp-management system for longer life. With an SDI connection, the PLV-HD100 can even put out 24p images from its three 1920×1080 LCD panels. Thanks to its new high-contrast optical system using microlens technology, the PLV-HD100 is able to achieve a contrast ratio of 1000:1. A microlens is integrated into each individual pixel on the three LCD panels increasing light efficiency, which results in significantly brighter images.

In addition, the Sanyo PLV-HD150 increases the brightness to 7000 ANSI lumens with four 300W UHP lamps, and offers Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connectivity and a 6500-degrees-K color-temperature optical system. It boasts a 12-bit progressive IC for 2/3 pulldown and 1080i-to-progressive conversion with either 24p or 60p true high-definition resolution. The PLV-HD150 even captures logo files and displays a preset logo on screen during the projector's short period of warm up.

Due out in June, the three-DLP chip XG-P560W will be the first projector to use the new 0.7in. Texas Instruments DMD arrays, and that will be reflected in its reduced cost for a WXGA, 5000-ANSI-lumen display system that complies with the ISO 21118-2005 ANSI brightness specification. Sharp's breakthrough XG-P560W offers compatibility with standard XGA and 720p HDTV, as well as “pixel-perfect” 1280×800 resolution from the newest generation WXGA PCs. The XG-P560W, with approximately 20,000-hour DLP life, has an intelligent dual-lamp design that can use one of the bulbs as a redundant backup in lower-light mode for enhanced reliability.

Just starting to deliver last March, the VPL-FW300L is the first fixed-installation 3LCD business projector from Sony featuring WXGA+ (1366×800) resolution with 7000 lumens brightness. In addition, the VPL-FH300L is Sony's first fixed-installation business projector featuring 2K HD-resolution (2048×1080) imaging panels at 6000 lumens brightness.

Both models employ Sony's new BrightEra 3 inorganic LCD 1.22in. WXGA panels and feature a two-lamp design with each requiring just 275W to reduce cost of ownership. That's because of the efficiency of Sony's BrightEra technology, which also means the projector can run as long as 6,000 hours before needing a lamp and filter change. Five lens options are available to cover almost any installation situation with throw ratios from 1.4 to 8.0 with no gaps, and their integrated cable-management system hides wires and connector panels for a clean look.

Jay Ankeney is a writer and video consultant in the Los Angeles area who has worked in professional film/TV for several decades.

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