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Technology Showcase: Large HD Projectors

May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Jay Ankeney

New technologies expand market.

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Christie Digital Roadster HD18K

Christie Digital Roadster HD18K

At the higher end of brightness, Christie's Roadster HD18K 3-chip DLP 17,500-lumen projector presents 1080 HD capability with a Xenon bubble-lamp system that provides repeatability of photorealistic colors and an ability to accurately color-match images. At the top end, Christie's Roadie HD+30K HD digital projector produces 30,000 ANSI lumens with native 2048×1080 HD resolution at a 1600:1 to 2800:1 contrast ratio.

Digital Projection, Texas Instruments' first DLP partner and the original innovator of the 3-chip DLP projector, has its Titan Proseries of large HD projectors, including the HD-500, HD-600, and XG-500 — which use the latest in Texas Instruments' 720p and XGA dark metal, 3-chip DLP technology to deliver up to 8000 lumens and 1800:1 contrast. The projector includes sealed optics to protect DMDs and other focal-plane components from airborne contaminants. It also features DPI CoolTek engineering, which delivers improved lumen performance with lower heat and noise-level output.

Digital Projection also has its dVision 30 series projectors, which are dual-UHP lamp designs based on single-chip DLP technology. They are available in 720p and 1080p HD resolutions (in addition to XGA and SXGA+), and they put out 6500 ANSI lumens at a contrast ratio of 7500:1. Every dVision projector also comes with a motorized light shutter and a backlit projector-information display to provide users with all relevant data regarding the projector's operating status.

Just released last February, the LC-W5 LCD projector from Eiki International can output 6000 ANSI lumens brightness at 90-percent uniformity and a 2000:1 contrast ratio at 720p (1366×800) resolution. It supports both analog and digital computer and video inputs in all color standards, and the LC-W5 self-advancing 10-step cartridge air filter reduces maintenance. It has 10-bit color processing for superior color reproduction, durable inorganic LCD panels for extended use, and a mechanical shutter for true black-screen no-show. A wide range of optional lenses is available for the Eiki LC-W5 that can project images up to 400in. diagonal.

With its 1920×1080 resolution and its splitscreen feature to accommodate dual computer and video images, the FL7000U HD projector from Mitsubishi Electric can easily keep presentations on a single screen side by side with full-size graphics to showcase your entire story. This 5000-lumen native 1080p projector saves the expense of frequent lamp changes with a temperature control system that supports a bulb life up to 4,000 hours in low-lamp mode. The FL7000U includes an RJ-45 connector for connection to a local network and software to enable a simple interface for remote projector management, monitoring, and control.

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