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Technology Showcase: Large HD Projectors

May 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Jay Ankeney

New technologies expand market.

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Digital Projection dVision 30-1080p

Digital Projection dVision 30-1080p

So with all these options empowering the new category of large HD projectors, here are some of the most interesting models on the market.

The NH-12 network-centric 3-chip DLP projector from Barco, producing 12,000 center lumens brightness, is the world's only 1080p HD presentation projector with Microsoft Windows desktop-integration capabilities. That means the PC working with the NH-12 can run Barco desktop software, which is able to display separate local, connected, or networked sources simultaneously in individual windows as you would on a normal desktop.

If multiple projectors are run in a multichannel system, the NH-12 even has built-in edge blending. Barco has specially designed the NH-12 with durability in mind, because its sealed optical engine prevents environmental contamination of its image quality and its liquid cooling helps to reduce noise levels to a minimum. As a result, Barco claims the NH-12 can attain a lifetime that is 60 percent longer than that of typical 3-chip DLP projectors. In addition, the XDC-3000 projector — combined with Barco's award-winning XDS-1000 display management system — is a single-channel, 4500-lumen LCoS display wall with 10-megapixel resolution on a high-contrast super flatscreen.

Claiming it was the first projector to have real splitscreen capabilities when it was released late last year, the SP831 DLP projection system from BenQ puts out 4000 ANSI lumens at a 2000:1 contrast ratio. It offers BrilliantColor processing in WXGA (1280×768), which enables higher brightness levels by boosting mid-tone colors. The SP830 is able to process a full 10 bit of color data to distinguish and display more than 1 billion colors in HQV enhanced-detail video quality. With its Signal Shuttle, the distance between the SP831 DLP projector and a computer can be long as 328ft. without image deterioration.

The Canon REALiS projector combines the brilliance and sharpness of LCoS technology with Canon's proprietary AISYS light-engine technology. The SX7 is the top of the REALiS line of projectors at 4000 ANSI lumens, but thanks to its proprietary AISYS optical system and wider aperture, the REALiS SX7's perceived brightness is considerably more. AISYS has three components: the illumination system, the color-separation and combination system, and the LCoS panels. The SX7's 1.7X ultra-wide powered zoom lens with autofocus provides the widest zoom range of any of Canon's projector lenses, while its DVI-I terminal empowers the projection of high-quality video from satellite and digital-cable boxes, as well as the output of DVD players.

The HD8K is the first Christie Digital native HD resolution (1920×1080) 3-chip DLP 8000-lumen digital projector using Xenon illumination with a variable contrast ratio of 1600:1 to 2000:1 for crisp, detailed images. The HD8K also features standard built-in edge blending, two HD input channels that will also allow 4:4:4 signals, digital dark-level adjustment, ILS on zoom and focus, and DMX 512 communication capabilities. Its 10-bit image processing offers high-bandwidth signal processing and features high-quality lenses specifically designed to increase image sharpness and provide manual-contrast adjustment for improved image control.

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