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AV Streaming Devices Technology Showcase

Jan 11, 2011 12:00 PM, By Mike McIntyre

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VBrick Systems describes its market position as filling the gap between consumer video and high-end studio broadcasting. The company’s approach to IP streaming is a complete end-to-end solution, which includes live capture, transport, play, record and store, manage and control, and unified communications.

First in live capture encoding appliances are the H.264 versions. Supporting everything from composite video to 3G-SDI, and scalable between SD and HD, these full-featured encoders unicast and multicast video streams to up to 25 unique destinations. They are fully integrated into the VEMS media management platform for live playback, recording, and video on demand. Next, the Windows Media Encoder has many of the same features including captioning support. For mission-critical deployments, the MPEG Encoder employs an integrated server that allows 200 simultaneous users directly from the appliance.

Rich Media Studio is an all-in-one device that captures and delivers live presentations and records them for on-demand playback over IP networks. With this device, you are able to input XGA/DVI, composite video, and audio and combine them into one stream. Lastly the VBrick Mobile Broadcasting System allows transmission over 3G and 4G cellular networks.

Under the transport section of VBrick’s product offerings is the WM Reflector appliance, which works as a bridge between a low-bandwidth bottleneck and a WAN. Hardware decoders and IP set-top boxes provide simple, cost-effective solutions for viewing streams.

For recording, all of the encoding devices may have optional drives added for direct-to-disc recording. The Network Video Recorder enables its users to record up to 40 simultaneous video streams from anywhere within its network at one time. An integrated component of the EtherneTV product family, the recorder is administered through a portal server, and it records H.264, Windows Media, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 video streams. VBrick’s VOD Server enables on-demand playback of your media anywhere on your network. A Windows Media and H.264 version give users the ability to choose their favored media playback method.

All these VBrick devices are controlled and monitored using the VEMS management software, which offers modules such as VEMS Presenter, VEMS Scheduler, and VEMS Channel Guide. The VEMS platform also integrates into the IBM Lotus Sametime unified communications and collaboration suite.

Small and packed with many of the same features found in the larger models, ViewCast’s Niagara 2100 offers a portable, low-cost streaming solution. Supporting multiple Windows Media streams simultaneously, this device is built on the prolific ViewCast Osprey technology. The built-in web interface allow simple setup control from anywhere on the network. With the streaming parameters set up, you can begin streaming in multiple resolutions and bit rates with a single button push on the front panel of the device. Its sister product, Niagara 2120, offers all the same features at the same price point, except its streaming engine supports Adobe Flash H.264.

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