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Altinex MX430-101

Jul 18, 2010 7:12 PM

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Altinex MX430-101

Altinex MX430-101

Altinex announced the new MX430-101 8x8 HDMI matrix switcher. Designed for training facilities, presentation spaces, and other multimedia environments incorporating multiple video sources and displays, the new MX430-101 can simultaneously distribute any input to any one output, all eight outputs, or any combination of outputs while maintaining full HDMI image resolution and signal integrity. Offering a rich feature set and advanced functionality designed to streamline the operation of today's sophisticated AV systems, the new MX430-101 provides the versatility and effective control that integrators find indispensible. Supporting computer sources up to UXGA and HDTV video sources up to 1080p, the new Altinex MX430-101 is fully HDMI V1.3-compliant for Deep Color (up to trillions of colors) with lossless digital audio such as Dolby's TrueHD Master Audio—enabling sound and picture to have maximum impact. It also supports HDCP V1.1 for content protection with individual key management on each output, ensuring the security of intellectual/business assets. Price: $4,550

Read more about this product at The Briefing Room

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