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Telemedicine and AV

Oct 13, 2010 1:59 PM, Provided by InfoComm International

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The Future of Telemedicine Technology

Vrbicky thinks that the next evolution in telemedicine is mobile solutions, like rolling carts, that bring telemedicine to rural communities that otherwise have no access. “Mobile solutions will have a big impact in nursing homes and in-home health services as well,” he says. “It’s dangerous and costly to transport nursing home patients to the hospital, so instead the physician can remotely come to them.”

Vrbicky added that other telemedicine applications will include the use of wireless biosensors and their use in patients with chronic illnesses and home care.

Meanwhile, Peterson says that refinement of current offerings is the next evolution to telemedicine. He recently evaluated a rolling cart with a keyboard 36” from the ground. “A nurse would have to sit or bend over to use it, which is inconvenient since chairs are scarce in a hospital,” he explains.

“The next revolution in telemedicine is cheaper and more reliable technology, like Apple’s FaceTime chat over the iPhone. Everything is in the smartphone,” says Sanders. “Phones will have computing power so people can wear health sensors and have the results analyzed by their phones. The phone can send an alert to the physician if the data is outside the normal values.”

The prominence of telemedicine and videoconferencing will grow as bandwidth improves across the U.S. The Federal Communications Commission’s National Broadband Plan specifically addresses health care as a prime topic.

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