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Teleconferencing Acoustics

Dec 8, 2010 10:58 AM, By Russ Berger

Considerations for successful teleconferencing.

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Other Factors to Consider

The conference room’s lighting should provide adequate illumination of the task surfaces and background areas without creating glare on the various computer and video monitors. The room design is also influenced by a balance of appropriate sightlines, both to presentation equipment and between the other participants.

Operator comfort has a direct bearing on productivity and creativity. Ideally, a room should provide sufficient physical space for the occupants, appropriate temperature and humidity, comfortable chairs, easy and efficient workflow, and uncomplicated communication among the people in the room and others that support the teleconferencing/presentation efforts.

These spaces have special demands of the behind-the-scenes infrastructure as well. Adequate, clean, 24/7 electrical power; year-round cooling; and access to wire management systems for the electronic cabling are all essential.

The design should be as future-proof as possible, creating spaces that can grow and adapt to changing needs. A well-designed facility accommodates inevitable changes to the equipment complement, making updating and upgrading as easy as possible.

Ultimately, it is not the ability of a design firm to address any one of these conferencing facility design issues that makes for a successful result, it is the ability to handle all of these issues simultaneously, and to balance competing concerns. There are a myriad of details to address, and the process involves a series of choices and compromises in reconciling the issues of space, budget, function, quality, and schedule. There isn’t just one way of creating the right space. The goal is to make the appropriate choices along the way. A depth of experience with similar facilities&emdash;and the ability to recognize how each facility is unique&emdash;is the key to ensuring that the design choices we make are the right ones.

Russ Berger is president of Russ Berger Design Group, a design and consulting firm based in Addison, Texas, that combines expertise in acoustics, architecture, and interiors to create technical environments and buildings for recording studios, broadcast facilities, creative production spaces, and home theaters.

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