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NSCA Recognizes Systems Integrators

Mar 1, 2011 11:59 AM

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The NSCA Education Foundation has elected Robert Grubb to its board of directors. Grubb is the North American manager for Bose Professional Systems.

The NSCA Education Foundation has elected Robert Grubb to its board of directors. Grubb is the North American manager for Bose Professional Systems.

Robert Grubb Appointed to NSCA Education Foundation Board of Directors

The NSCA Education Foundation has elected Robert Grubb, North America manager for Bose Professional Systems, to its board of directors. Grubb replaces Mitch Nollman, who previously represented Bose on the foundation’s board.

Grubb has been a part of the professional audio industry for more than 25 years. He started out in audio recording and production and has gained a broad knowledge of many vertical markets in the pro audio industry. Grubb now manages the field sales group in North America for Bose.

Since 1999, the NSCA Education Foundation has created educational opportunities to grow the commercial electronic systems industry. By providing financial assistance through scholarships, student memberships and the creation of an endowment for future scholarship opportunities, the foundation assists in the development of an industry career path for students.

The foundation has also become more involved with the efforts of the Electronic Systems Professional Alliance, which provides entry-level education and certification to help new professionals within the electronic systems industry to choose the correct career path.

“As technologies in the commercial electronic systems world continue to converge, I look forward to working with the NSCA Education Foundation, finding new ways to attract the next generation of talent in our industry,” says Grubb.

The NSCA Education Foundation is funded by generous contributions from members of its President’s Club and industry members, as well as charity events throughout the year. For more information about the NSCA Education Foundation, visit or call 800.446.6722.

NSCA Recognizes Systems Integrators

NSCA has announced the winners of its 2011 Excellence in Business Awards. A number of great self- or peer-nominated applications were received and the committee had difficult decisions to make. Systems integrators who showed exemplary and successful business strategies were selected to receive an award. Winners receive one complimentary admission to the NSCA Business & Leadership Conference.

The winning companies and the category they won for are:

  • Alpha Video & Audio – Marketing Strategies
  • Avyve – Philanthropic Contributions
  • Intelligent Access Systems – Growth Strategies
  • Stage Front Presentation Systems – Project Development
  • The Whitlock Group – Fiscal Responsibility

“This year’s winners exemplify the diverse industry we represent,” says Chuck Wilson, NSCA executive director. “These companies proved through their business strategies that it was important not only to succeed, but also to excel in their business models. They found many solutions from within their organizations; rewarding the talent that already exists builds character, commitment, and engagement from employees.”

Alpha Video & Audio, declared the best integrator in Marketing Strategies, successfully diversified its sales and marketing efforts. These strategies provided an opportunity to deliver unique, critical solutions to its customers in a wide variety of industries, including sports venues, broadcast studios, state and local government, education facilities, corporations, and others. The company notes that creating an entrepreneurial spirit within the entire organization led to its success.

Avyve realizes the importance of supporting the community you live and work in, especially in a down economy. Each year, Avyve budgets around 1 percent of its total revenue to support nonprofits and the arts. In addition to funds, Avyve has donated time, products, and services. It is an important part of company culture, and why Avyve won in the Philanthropic Contributions category.

Intelligent Access Systems had its best two-year financial performance in the down economy to receive the Growth Strategies honor. IAS had a growth rate of more than 240 percent over three years by focusing on regulated business sectors such as infrastructure and health care markets. Government regulations created through laws like the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 and the HIPAA law of 1996 resulted in significant spending on security technologies.

Stage Front Presentation Systems, winner of the Project Development award, formed its own niche in the design-build industry. Focusing on three areas of expertise, it employs a strategy that eliminates the need for third-party consultants, allowing Stage Front to work directly with clients to develop projects from concept to installation. Implementation of a customer relationship management program, transparent business model, strong design standards, and a focus on specialized markets enable them to collaborate internally and externally to produce timely, scalable solutions.

The Whitlock Group, winner of the Fiscal Responsibility award, has implemented fiscally responsible practices in its 50-year history. It focuses on three areas: improving fiscal policies (creation of the Global Presence Alliance); changing spending habits through co-marketing opportunities and by supporting a few key ventures at a time; and implementing cost-cutting measures such as early pay discounts, debt minimization, and reporting tools to help clients find efficiencies.

Repeal or Defund? That is the Question

Now that the GOP-controlled Congress is in session, the question on everyone’s mind is, “What are they going to do with PPACA, the health care reform bill?” Many people have expressed their dissatisfaction with PPACA and are looking to a new Congress to do something about it.

If they haven’t already, business owners will see changes in the costs and offerings of their health plans due to changes included in PPACA. These changes will affect both companies and employees. Small businesses, especially, can’t afford these changes.

Congress has already started delaying certain aspects of all of PPACA’s provisions, like the release on Dec. 23 putting a stay on discriminatory fully insured plans. Expect more of the same during this Congress. The departments that regulate certain aspects of PPACA are either understaffed or do not have adequate resources to enforce parts of the new law. Once Congress realizes that, we’ll see more postponements of the minor aspects of the law, at least for 2011 and perhaps 2012.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is participating in a movement to repeal the bill. Go to to sign a petition and support the repeal effort if interested.

Iowa Congressman Steve King recently discussed a potential approach to contesting health care reform in its present form. The approach he outlined was to vote to repeal PPACA in the House of Representatives, which would presumably be vetoed by President Obama. Then, once the repeal was vetoed, the GOP could go through the appropriations committees to defund certain parts of the PPACA.

It’s probably safe to say that a total repeal of the law is not likely. However, it seems that defunding specific portions of PPACA is quite probable. For more insight on health care reform and policies that affect your business, follow the SystemsPlus blog at

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